Tips For A Hassle-Free SydNYE Experience
Tips For A Hassle-Free SydNYE Experience
Amidst all the excitement to view the most famous fireworks in Sydney, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Read on to know more..

Tips For A Hassle-Free SydNYE Experience

How time passes by so swiftly, I wonder. We just welcomed the new year a few months ago and in no time we will be welcoming it again, won’t we? I am someone who moved to Sydney last year. Right before I shifted, I had read up on Sydney and the “must-see” destinations here. So, I was well-aware of the fact that New Year’s Eve was no small thing here, especially because the fireworks here were the most popular in the world. Being a new girl in the city, witnessing the massive celebrations on New Year’s Eve was a magnificent spectacle indeed. I was fortunate enough to experience one of the Sydney New Year's Eve cruises; and the view of the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge was simply mind blowing. 


It goes without saying that I had a wonderful experience in Sydney on New Year’s Eve. At the same time, I realise that it’s not the same for a lot of people; mainly because they don’t have their facts straight. So here are a few tips for a safe and hassle-free New Year’s Eve experience in Sydney…


Vantage Points and Exclusion Zone


There are nearly 50 vantage points around the harbour from where you can view the NYE fireworks and harbour events. Why not enjoy the New Year’s Eve cruises like me… ’cos in my opinion, there is simply no better vantage point. 


Most of these cruising vessels get rights to be part of the exclusion zone where there is no unauthorised traffic, thereby giving you the best views of the NYE spectacle on the harbour. You can take full advantage of this experience as it would be safe and less crowded. What's more? The views and experience onboard the cruise are simply unmatched.


Better leave your car at home!


Are you actually thinking of driving all the way to a vantage point to witness the fireworks? Believe me, that’s not a good idea. Major roads will be closed even to those walking and cycling. From 6pm until 2am of the New Year, the walkway and cycleway on Sydney Harbour Bridge will be closed.  Even when it comes to getting out of the city, many roads will be closed to both pedestrians and motorists. So the route you took into the city will not be the same going back.


 I used the metro services conveniently. They start from 4am and continue until early morning on New Year’s Day. There are also extra bus services that run day and night, plying through different routes. Apart from buses, there are ferries, trains and light rail services as well. Enhanced safety measures will be in place with security guards stationed at various taxi ranks on New Year's Eve. 


Traffic and Parking 


If you are still insistent on taking your car, remember NSW Police Force will monitor roads and car parks where there are road closures. It is an offence to drive through closed roads and penalties will apply if you don’t comply. Be on the lookout for yellow signs and check them carefully before parking your car on New Year’s Eve. Be it any vehicle, clearways are strict no-parking zones. This applies to local residents and Mobility Scheme Permit holders as well. Vehicles that are left in special event clearways will be towed. For full clearway listings in the city, visit  


Road Closures


For updated information on major road closures check the following link close to New Year’s Eve. 


Accessibility (Including People with Disability)


As road closures take place on New Year’s Eve, you can always utilise the accessibility map of the city of Sydney. Here you can find usable features like mobility parking spaces, lifts and public toilets. Even locate potential barriers such as stairs & inclines. People who use mobility aids can benefit from such information to navigate the city easily. 


Zero200 is another solution for the people in the disability community. It enables you to conveniently access 13 cabs door-to-door. The Opal card is very handy when you need to travel on public transport in Sydney.  Adult, child, seniors, concession, veterans and vision impaired, there is one that can be used by everyone. 


I guess I have given you a heads up on the most important things to be aware of before you head to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney. I had a great, hassle-free experience because I took into consideration all the facts mentioned above. So make sure you do so too. Enjoy the view of the fireworks this new year’s eve, guys!