The Demand for The RideBoom Bike and Taxi Rides Increase Now.
The Demand for The RideBoom Bike and Taxi Rides Increase Now.
Rideboom India

The Demand for The RideBoom Bike and Taxi Rides Increase Now.

The demand for RideBoom bike scooter rides increase with the re-Opening of The Cities, Businesses, and Markets Around Tri-City.   

As India’s salaried workers get ready to return to work and most college universities, institution starts opening, the demand for taxis and bike rides increase. Again, we can see the traffic on our roads.

RideBoom India was launched in tri-city when the covid was at the peak and the demand for the rides was very modest, but RideBoom get a very positive response from the drivers and the daily users who are seeking more unique and affordable service.

RideBoom keeps providing the drivers' education through videos and how to secure their future.

RideBoom App has unique self-promoting features compared to any other app in the market. This is the reason RideBoom is getting positive responses from the app crowded market and can make its own space.

RideBoom is now preparing to launch in Delhi and other major Indian cities and its costs are very minimal to launch RideBoom in other cities.

In the word of the founder” RideBoom got the most unique self-promoting and marketing algorithm that we don’t have to spend thousands on launching or onboarding customers and drivers”

We are so excited when we receive the customer's emails and suggestions who like to know more about the features of the RideBoom app this makes us feel proud.

Price transparency is another great feature of the RideBoom you can see this while comparing the fare estimate. Most of the service providers keep the user in dark by proving them a higher amount for the same trip on different devices or times but RideBoom is here to gain the trust of the users.  

It's amazing when the market starts comparing RideBoom which is still a bootstrap company with the bigger players in the market this shows that RideBoom is there to make a change in the current taxi market.

RideBoom charges less for the rides and pays more to the drivers and educates the drivers on how to provide better customer service to the RideBoom taxi or Bike scooter users.

There are still many places in India where the taxi service is unavailable and that is what RideBoom trying to reach and launch in those places and provide taxi service to the people and job opportunities for the young man and women.

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