Sydney’s Most Unique and Fun Dining Spots 2022
Sydney’s Most Unique and Fun Dining Spots 2022
Foodies assemble! Here is a brief overview of some of the best and most unique dining spots in Sydney right now–harbour cruises, Sea Life and much more!

Sydney’s Most Unique and Fun Dining Spots 2022

Being a city of intriguing diversity, it’s no surprise that Sydney has its fair share of cool and quirky places to dine at. The Emerald City of Australia oozes a laid back atmosphere and is known for its quintessential nightlife, which pretty much sums why most Australians love to travel to this capital every now and then. 


It is human instinct to love delicious food and find immense pleasure in dining out at exceptional restaurants, so it is imperative that you go past your usual spots and try out the food at some of these unique dining options in Sydney.


Harbour Cruises


The food scene has been pivotal in Sydney’s tourism going straight back to the top after the pandemic but it’s not just about what’s on your plate anymore. For instance, the Sydney Harbour dinner cruises are an excellent option to cash in an unforgettable night out. You get to cruise past the most captivating sights of the city including the legendary Opera House and Harbour Bridge and whether you're looking to impress your colleagues or looking to lock-in on that second date, this experience will fascinate you. Not just that, you get to treat your pallets to a world of exquisite flavours that draws inspiration from many parts of the planet. This exclusive dining experience gets even better with drinks that can be purchased from the onboard bar, or for a more seamless experience a beverage upgrade will be ideal.


The lunch cruises in Sydney Harbour also offer an incredible variety of dishes and sightseeing opportunities, so if you’re after dining options before the sun goes down, you know where to look.


Karen’s Diner


Couple of years ago if I told you about a restaurant that comes with rude service, you’d skip it, but that can change now. Karen’s Diner in Sydney is arguably the most talked about dining joint in the city right now. Why? It’s full of karens. Even the manager, who is the final boss in this interactive yet unusual experience, is terrible. Why do people love it? Everything about it! The lack of formalities, the excellent food, the open invitation to go off at the staff and also, strange games. This is your ultimate diner where you can blow off some steam after a long day of work and complain about the most minor of inconveniences, because they actually expect you to go full Karen mode! Go have some fun, and maybe even try to break the character of one of your waiters!


SEA Life


A private dining experience inside the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium is your ultimate ticket to a memorable night out. Unique, cool and quirky, this venue offers an amazing underwater backdrop where you can come across hundreds of fish, turtles, sharks and other marine life swimming right before your eyes. There are several packages to choose from such as the many dinner packages which include  self-guided tours and drinks. You even get to dine right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef! And with more than six different locations within the aquarium to choose from, this is an experience worth trying more than once.


Dining in the Dark


No, it’s not sitting alone in your room and eating in the dark while staring at your phone. Psychologists have been at it for some time now. Their studies have proved that over 80% of people eat with their eyes; eliminating this sense will help heighten the other senses and that’s exactly what this unique dining aims at. With blindfolds donned onto you in a candlelight room, you won’t see the food that you ordered, but can focus on the smell and taste–a truly enlightening experience. The menu here is surprising to say the least; a well devised combination of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. Head out and surprise your taste buds!