Sydney NYE 2022 : Top Events To Look Out For
Sydney NYE 2022 : Top Events To Look Out For
Still haven’t planned anything for Sydney NYE? Check out these much-awaited events and try getting a ticket or two!

The biggest night of the year is dawning upon us. In just 94 days, we will see Sydney's famous architecture and coastal landmarks turn its dark skies into a psychedelic-like canvas of luminous lights, mystifying patterns, and vivid colours. From the throbbing harbourfront to the biggest dance floors in the city centre, there’s plenty on the cards for New Year’s Eve (NYE). A little planning ahead can be your gateway to an incredible night in the Emerald City, so if you haven't made plans already, try nabbing a way into these must-see NYE attractions.


All aboard New Year Cruises 


The major highlight of the biggest night of the year in Sydney is undoubtedly its iconic fireworks display on the harbour. The Family and Midnight Fireworks Displays alone, invites more than a million people from all over the planet. If you’re one of them and want to enjoy the best views of these pyrotechnics shows, then there’s no better option than the Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve cruises. And if you're a resident who hasn’t had the opportunity to be on the harbour waters during NYE then this is it. Be awestruck as the vessels take you up and down the harbour, offering you ringside seats to all the harbour fiestas, including the lit-up Opera House, Harbour Bridge and plenty more. The boats will be in special exclusion zones, nearing the countdown, and when the clock finally hits midnight, you’ll see one of the biggest fireworks displays in the world, right in front of your eyes! Talk about a night!


Family-friendly vantage


While after the Family Fireworks Display, you may get a free front-row seat to the NYE spectacles at Quay, you don’t want to take that chance if you have a couple of souls depending on you. For a family-friendly, alcohol-free vantage point, you can head to Bradleys Head and choose between the Amphitheatre, Mast Precinct and Athol Lawn. Nestled right across the north side of the harbour, Bradleys Head offers epic unobstructed views of the natural surroundings along with the city skyline, as you roll out a rug and wait for the countdown. Be sure to book ahead and check their websites for more info about food stalls and BYO options.


An island extravaganza


The final day of the year on an island?! Who’s going to pass on that! The Sydney Harbour National Park covers some part of the harbour foreshore along with a few harbour islands. Clark Island is one of them and offers one of the best views of the fireworks show. Get on your exclusive ferry and head to the island, where a whole lot of fun will be waiting for you. Enjoy the sun and dance your way into the night as the DJs play some of the most iconic national and international tunes! This is also an all-weather event, perfect to breeze your way through that summer! Though this will probably be a licensed event with food stalls and a cash bar, you can always bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks!


Higher than ever


If sky high is your thing when waving off the old and welcoming the new, then there’s plenty of options for you to consider. Yes, it is high time that you call your long-lost relative! But other than that, there are many rooftop joints in and round the city where you can enjoy glistening views of the harbour over a drink or two, with your loved ones. Zephyr is one of those spectacular rooftops, where you can enjoy live entertainment including DJ, and other glamorous acts, along with an impressive dining experience featuring some of the finest food and drinks.