Sydney Harbour – a Popular Christmas Season Attraction
Sydney Harbour – a Popular Christmas Season Attraction
Being a world-famous harbour with iconic landmarks, Sydney Harbour lures many festive revellers during the X’mas season.

The season of candles and plum cakes is knocking… local markets are teeming with Christmas shoppers… Excited children are trying to be nicer in a desperate attempt to impress Santa in the last few weeks until Christmastide…

With the holiday season brewing, Sydneysiders are busy planning for some jubilant merrymaking.

I think the best way to ring in the festivities is – cruising on the beautiful Sydney Harbour! Harbour cruising promises memorable moments — be it marvelling at classic landmarks like the ‘Coathanger’, the Opera House or celebrating festive bonhomie with friends over delicious platters.

Despite being classy, Christmas cruises in Sydney are not the sole jewel on the crown of the spectacular Sydney Harbour. The sparkling harbour waterfront is punctuated with virgin beaches, gardens, culinary hotspots and more.

No wonder the world is fascinated by Sydney Harbour. We have rounded up the top reasons why you must explore this place during the Christmas holidays.

An extraordinary Natural Wonder

Spreading majestically over 55 km2, Sydney Harbour is the world’s largest natural harbour. Also known as Port Jackson, the harbour has a glittering shoreline of 150 miles! Right from its opening from Tasman Sea, it stretches for about 11 miles.

The gorgeous shoreline is adorned with exotic beaches, pockets of bushes, garden, park, historic islands and iconic Sydney attractions including the Opera House, towering Harbour Bridge, etc.

Port Jackson extends out to the adjacent Darling Harbour and Parramatta River in the west.

Btw, here’s an interesting fact: Sydney Harbour is a drowned river valley! Two other harbours, namely Middle Harbour and North Harbour are a part of this vast waterscape.

Gliding across the gentle waters of Sydney Harbour on a Christmas party lunch or dinner cruise can enliven the holiday period.

Incredible Cruising Hotspot during the Festive Season

Brighten up the festive season with an unforgettable cruising experience in Sydney. Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney glam up the seasonal cheer with a remarkable wine-dine-sightseeing affair!

Nothing feels better than being surrounded by your favourite people, while cruising past vintage Sydney landmarks. And, relishing the flavourful food served onboard. From the towering Harbour Bridge, Luna Park to the Opera House, these cruises have the prettiest vantage points.

So, feast your eyes and your palates! Don’t forget to lock these special moments by leveraging numerous photo ops on the cruise.

Cherry on top is the charm of live cabaret shows or an onboard DJ on some of the Christmas party cruises. Be assured, your holiday entertainment is sorted!

Checking out the famed ‘Coathanger’

You simply can’t afford to miss the world-renowned Harbour Bridge – the pride of Sydney Harbour! Affectionately known as ‘Coathanger’ to the locals, it’s the world’s most famous steel arch bridge.

The structure continues to be among the globe’s finest engineering marvels. The Christmas holiday season is a golden opportunity to explore this timeless marvel. You can choose to cycle or walk across, climb the summit, enjoy a train-ride over it or even cruise below it.

Floating across the beautiful harbour waters, towards the Harbour Bridge has a charm of its own! It gives people the chance to admire the graceful arch of the bridge from a completely different angle.

Giving in to the tempting Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s an undisputed star of the breathtaking Sydney Harbour. Flaunting an exceptional look, the Opera House is an unparalleled masterpiece of 20th century architecture! A series of concrete shells gave shape to such an iconic design.

Alongside the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House is another specimen of an architectural miracle.

There are multiple options to catch the Opera House in all her splendour. For instance, taking a photograph while sailing on a Christmas party cruise. Harbour cruises have ample photo ops onboard – make the most of this and capture a magnificent photo of this beauty! Or, click a selfie with the Opera House as the backdrop and make your Instagram followers jealous of your perfect holiday celebration!

Cheers to a memorable Sydney holiday!