Sydney for the Night Owls
Sydney for the Night Owls
Looking for ways to spend the nights in Sydney? Here are a few ideas that might come handy


Sydney comes alive at night. Even though the city has gotten a bad rep for its nightlife, Sydney has something around every corner to explore after the sun sets, if you know where to look. From its lively pubs to Sydney dinner cruises, and everything in between, Sydney has a lot to offer. So if you’re feeling a bit adventurous at night, get on your feet, I got you!


Crawl Through the Rocks


The Rocks is probably one of the city’s oldest quarters and it is exactly why you should head there. You can find many historic bars and pubs as you stroll through the cobbled streets. It also has many upscale restaurants that make a really fine dining spot. You can walk through the Rocks Market or just have a couple of beers with the view of the Harbour Bridge. 


Cruise into the night 


A Sydney Harbour night cruise is something everyone who has ever walked the streets of Sydney should try atleast once. The illuminated city skyline from the waters is unmatched as you get to see the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House from up close. The cruises also serve some of the finest food in town. Sip on your favourite wine and relish the view as you sail through the sunset. 


Catch an outdoor movie 


Outdoor movies aren’t exactly a new thing, but Sydney is perhaps the most scenic place for outdoor cinema. Sydney’s summer nights make it a perfect location for a casual evening outdoors with your friends to catch the latest movies being screened. Summer is usually the time where cinema nights and short film festivals are hosted. With the best views in Sydney and the best technology, the open-air film screenings offer you the most beautiful cinematic experience you can ever have.


Walk through the late-night art galleries


With the ever-increasing work during the week, it's hard to go out and relax for a few hours during the day. This is where the late-night art galleries come in handy. The Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art both are open late into the night on Wednesdays. Other venues where you can check out art installations late at night  include Carriageworks, Hyde Park Barracks and the Justice and Police Museum.   


Rediscover Shopping at Pitt St. Mall


No late night strolls are complete without a shopping spree, let alone a night in Sydney. Thursdays nights in Sydney are for shopping and Pitt St. Mall is the heart of it. Pitt Street is also lined with shops on either side that suit every budget. From big international brands to cool niche shops, you can find everything here. And did I miss the food? This place has got three food courts if you’re in the mood for some late-night snacking. 


Visit Luna Park in the evening


One of the iconic places of Sydney, Luna Park is an amusement park that was built in the 1930s and continues to be a crowd favourite throughout generations. Luna Park still has the look and feel of the old times. It also has modern thrillers like roller coasters and gravity rides. Hop on the carousel or other rides if you wish. Even if you are not into it , you can still take a walk around the park, as the entry is completely free and you only need to pay for the rides.


Now that you’ve read up till here, I hope I’ve convinced you that Sydney’s nightlife has plenty to offer. And nights in Sydney become more magical as you walk against the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the city lights. So what’s stopping you from heading into the night as the city comes alive?