Some Not-So-Usual Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year
Some Not-So-Usual Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year
Go easy on yourself this Christmas. Here are some Christmas ideas you can explore that are not your regular annual rituals.


Two years have passed since COVID struck and stopped all manner of yearly celebrations. With the Christmas season approaching, this year will be the first of the post-pandemic series. And that alone is more than enough justification for extravagant celebrations. Put an end to the annual office parties that always feature loud, intoxicated clamour. Celebrate this Christmas with a bit more creativity in Sydney—from Christmas cruises to wine tours .


Head to the next drag show

Drag queens, who were once on the periphery of the entertainment industry, are currently experiencing a mainstream renaissance. Not only are they stunning, they were among the first ones to come up with  the seated service model that would be effective in bars. With their extravagant costumes and lively dinner-theatre performances taking place in locations all over the city, these shows are guaranteed to entertain you throughout the night. Liven up your christmas with 


Sail through the night

Imagine spending Christmas with your favourite people while floating in Sydney Harbour's high tides. Sounds like a great plan!  Gather your friends and reserve a spot on one of Christmas Party Cruises in Sydney if you haven't finalised your Christmas plans yet. These dinner cruises offer you a wonderful experience with beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Usually, there are some pretty good sales around Christmas. So don't miss out. 


Take a walk through the vineyards

If you're the type of person who loves enjoying a drink or several at your Christmas party, level-up your drunken Christmas celebrations with some top-shelf drinks at some of Australia's best vineyards. The vineyards have some of the most beautiful roads and surroundings you'll ever see. And no one has to miss out because they are the designated driver because most tours will pick you up in the city and transport you home afterward. So make sure to bring your camera.


Scale the Harbour Bridge

Before the pandemic, you could count on seeing multiple groups of climbers ascending  the Coathangers arches at almost any hour of the day or night. However, since international tourism went on an indefinite hiatus during the lockdown, this has become a a rare sight. Which is a shame because climbing the Harbour Bridge is an amazing experience that offers breath-taking views of the city, particularly at Christmas when the city is illuminated.


Outdoor Cinema

Although outdoor movies are nothing new, Sydney may be the most picturesque location for watching one during Christmas. With Christmas falling on one of the hottest months, the warm nights in Sydney are ideal for a laid-back evening outside with friends and   watching the latest movies. Many cinema nights and short film festivals are typically held during this period. With cutting-edge technology, these open-air film screenings provide you with the most beautiful cinematic experience you can ever have. They’re perfect for a light-hearted Christmas night out for those who want to get out of their houses.


Go watch a performance in the Opera House

If you’re out of places to go to in Sydney, you can still count on seeing a performance at the iconic Opera House. Every year, the Opera House puts up a Christmas special titled "Christmas at the House" that runs from the 19th to the 23rd of December. Featuring the best stars in the country, treat yourself to a magnificent show of singing and celebration. With the pandemic interrupting  the last couple of years, don’t be surprised if the performances go full on extravagant this year.


Christmas is one of those days that spreads excitement everywhere and everyone. So why do you end up making the same plans year after year? Make this Christmas unlike any you’ve celebrated before. Head outdoors and spend the day either watching a performance or on board a dinner cruise. Relax and Unwind!