Notable Locations to Celebrate Xmas with Loved Ones
Notable Locations to Celebrate Xmas with Loved Ones
Discover the best locations to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season with family and friends.

Notable Locations to Celebrate Xmas with Loved Ones

The Christmas season is always and would be a joyous time filled with love, kindness and prosperity. Sharing the love and happiness the season offers is also one of the best feelings no one could ever forget in their lifetime. Have you got any truly astonishing Christmas party ideas? If you are interested in spending the upcoming Christmas with your kith and kin somewhere peaceful and unique, I can help you. Read along to see the sought-after Christmas party locations that can be seen on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and celebrate an unforgettable day partying with your loved ones. 

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a truly gifted city with peaceful inner-city suburbs, glorious architectural marvels and plenty of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. If you haven’t been to Sydney before, I believe it is high time to celebrate a special day with your family in Sydney to experience the actual beauty Sydney possesses. 

Australians love celebrating the joy of the season in various means including both indoor and outdoor activities and games. Sydney Harbour, home to the two iconic Sydney landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House can be identified as one such destination where people go to celebrate their happiness. There are many Christmas party cruises on Sydney Harbour offering a great opportunity to celebrate the joy of the season by indulging in harbour sightseeing and restaurant-quality dining. You can board one of the best cruises on the harbour and enjoy the festive vibes in pure luxury.

Let it be an authentic paddlewheeler with an old-world charm, a premium glass boat with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, or an ultra-modern Australian-built catamaran, you are promised the absolute best harbour vibes and prime views of all the harbour attractions and moreover, the joy and happiness of the season. Choose one that would work best for you and enjoy a delicious lunch made to perfection by the expert in-house chefs. You can also combine your food with your favourite Australian beverages or soft drinks available for purchase from the fully licensed bar on board. If you have friends from your workplace to celebrate the joy of the season with you and your family, you can simply board one of the best corporate Christmas party cruises in Sydney, and make it truly memorable. 

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City — located on a clifftop position overlooking the St. Lawrence Seaway —  is the capital of the Canadian Province popular as one of the most majestic cities in the world with breathtaking city attractions, architectural masterpieces, and historic streets. The city is both attractive and consuming at the same time, no matter the season. So, if you want to visit Quebec, you can explore it at any time of the year. To add some extra information about the location, Quebec City is the only city outside Mexico and the Caribbean with its original city walls and Champlain Street in Quebec is often regarded as North America’s most beautiful street.

If you want to embrace the spirit of the season like no one ever would, I would suggest you go to Quebec where you can see the ornate Christmas decorations all across the city. Just think about walking through the beautiful streets filled in with twinkly lights, the fine scent of pine in the air, and soft-French carols with your children or partner hand-in-hand. Feels great, doesn't it? 

Christmas lights along the street filled in with spectacular buildings are the best thing that makes it hard to not appreciate the irresistible charm and beauty Quebec holds. If you are a culture vulture or a history enthusiast, you can make use of this opportunity to learn more about Quebec City. If you are a Christian, you can also check out the popular churches in Canada and partake in the Christmas special services.