Kedarnath: A mystery unsolved
Kedarnath: A mystery unsolved
Kedarnath is an ancient temple, Which has a very unique structured building that has stayed in the worst climatic situation.

Kedarnath sanctuary is an inexplicable code.


Numerous things are said about who assembled the Kedarnath sanctuary. Indeed, even from the Pandavas to Adya Shankaracharya.


In any case, we would rather not go into that.


The present science proposes that the Kedarnath sanctuary was likely implicit the eighth 100 years.


Regardless of whether you say no, this sanctuary has existed for something like 1200 years.


The land where Kedarnath is, is truly negative even in the 21st 100 years.


Kedarnath slope 22,000 feet high on one side, Karachkund 21,600 feet high on the opposite side and Bharatkund 22,700 feet high on the third side.


The five waterways moving through these three mountains are Mandakini, Madhuganga, Chirganga, Saraswati and Swarandari. A portion of these are written in this Purana.


This region is the main condition of the "Mandakini River". How profound the work of art would have been to make a fine art where there is a tremendous measure of snow on a chilly day and water streaming at an exceptionally high velocity in the blustery season.


Indeed, even today, you can't head to where the "Kedarnath Temple" stands.


For what reason was it underlying such a spot?


How might a sanctuary be underlying such ominous circumstances over a long time back.


We ought to all think this no less than once.


That's what researchers conjecture assuming the sanctuary had been on Earth in the tenth hundred years, it would have been in a short "Ice Age" period.


The Wadia Institute of Geology, Dehradun, directed a trial of lignomatic dating on the rocks of the Kedarnath sanctuary. This is done to recognize the "existence of the stones." The test showed that the sanctuary was totally covered in ice from the fourteenth 100 years to the center of the seventeenth hundred years. Nonetheless, no harm was done to the development of the sanctuary.


Everybody probably seen the horrendous flood that hit Kedarnath in 2013. During this period, the precipitation was 375% higher than the normal. The resulting floods killed "5748 individuals" (government figures) and harmed 4200 towns. More than 1 lakh 10 thousand individuals were transported by the Indian Air Force. Everything was out of control. In any case, even in such a horrendous flood, the whole construction of the Kedarnath sanctuary was not impacted the least bit.


As indicated by the Archeological Society of India, the vast majority of the sanctuary is totally protected in the review of the whole design of the sanctuary even after the floods. "IIT Madras" directed "NDT testing" on the sanctuary to concentrate on how much harm was done to the development during the 2013 floods and its ongoing status. It additionally said that the sanctuary is totally protected areas of strength for and.


What does Nirvala advise you to be awesome on the off chance that the sanctuary doesn't pass an extremely "logical and logical test" directed by two unique organizations?


Following 1200 years, where everything in that space is out of hand, not a solitary construction stands. This sanctuary remains there and isn't simply standing, it is serious areas of strength for exceptionally.


How this sanctuary has been constructed is accepted to be behind this. The spot that has been chosen. Today, science says that the strategy for stone and design utilized in the development of the sanctuary is the justification for why this sanctuary had the option to make due in this flood.


Kedarnath sanctuary is worked as "North-South".


While practically every one of the sanctuaries in India are "East-West". Subject matter authorities agree, assuming that the sanctuary had been "East-West", it would have previously been annihilated. Or if nothing else in the surge of 2013, it would have been obliterated.


In any case, because of this heading, Kedarnath sanctuary has made due. Interestingly, the stone utilized in it is exceptionally hard and sturdy. Interestingly, the stone utilized for the development of this sanctuary isn't accessible there, so envision how that stone might have been conveyed there. Around then there were not even such apparatuses accessible to convey such a huge stone. The quality of this stone is that even following 400 years of being under ice, there is no distinction in its "properties".


Along these lines, the sanctuary has kept up with its solidarity in the actual pattern of nature. These solid stones in the sanctuary are stuck together in an "Ashler" way without the utilization of any concrete. Thusly the strength of the sanctuary is impervious with no impact of temperature changes on the stone joint.


In 2013, an enormous stone stalled out toward the rear of the sanctuary through Vita Ghalai and the water edge was partitioned and the water on the two sides of the sanctuary conveyed everything with it yet the sanctuary and individuals who took shelter in the sanctuary stayed safe. Who were carried by the Indian Air Force the following day.


The inquiry is regardless of whether to trust in confidence. In any case, there is no question that in the wake of picking the site, its heading, a similar structure material and, surprisingly, the nature were painstakingly considered for the development of the sanctuary which will protect its way of life and strength for quite a long time.


After the sinking of the Titanic, Westerners acknowledged how "NDT testing" and "temperature" could reverse the situation.


Yet, we thought this and It was completed a long time back.


Isn't Kedarnath a similar distinctive model?


A couple of months in the downpour, a few months in the snow, and a few years even in the snow, the fleece, wind, downpour actually cover the fleece, 12,000 feet over the ocean level.


We are staggered to consider the colossal measure of science that has been utilized to assemble a 6-foot-high stage.


Yet again today, after every one of the floods, we are bowing before the development of the researchers of Kedarnath who will get the distinction of being the most noteworthy among the 12 Jyotirlingas with a similar loftiness.


This is an illustration of how exceptional the Vedic Hindu religion and culture was. Around then, our sages, for example researchers, had taken extraordinary steps in design, meteorology, space science, Ayurveda.

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