Is march a good time to go to Jaisalmer
Is march a good time to go to Jaisalmer
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Sitting majestically at the threshold of the Thar Desert, India’s ‘Golden City’ pulls inside the avid tourist from throughout borders. wintry weather is the excellent season to go to Jaisalmer because the solar is ideal for all the sightseeing that the area is well-known for. Winter is whilst Jaisalmer comes alive with all its vibrancy. Showcasing its rich background, Jaipur permits you to partake in the superb legacy that it has so generously shared with the arena.

The largest draw for maximum vacationers is the colorful fairs and the celebrations that can not be viewed anywhere else inside the world. However, many doors sports and adventures can be enjoyed too. Jaisalmer is indeed the trip of a lifetime and irrespective of which season making a decision to go to; you must come organized for it.

Yes March Is a Good Time to Visit In Jaisalmer

The months from November to March constitute the winter season in Jaisalmer, the fine time to visit. As most temperature doesn’t pass past 24°C, it's miles the right climate for sightseeing and outdoor sports including barren region safari, camel rides. Evenings are cooler and it can get a bit bloodless at night.

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