How To Throw the Ultimate Party on the Waters (2022)
How To Throw the Ultimate Party on the Waters (2022)
Here’s some tried and tested tips on how to throw the ultimate boat party on Sydney Harbour.

Looking to live the A-list celebrity life? Throwing a party on a boat isn’t that complicated as it looks, but like all parties, it needs thorough planning. The sole reason why boat parties are a hit is because it is a lifetime experience jam-packed into a couple of hours. You get to live like there’s no tomorrow but, needless to say, it can easily go downhill without laying out all the blueprints beforehand. So, if you're wondering how to make that happen, check out these handy tips that are guaranteed to make your next event all the more spectacular!


Set the seal on your wallet


Well, in Sydney, if you don’t own a boat, a party boat hire on Sydney Harbour is what you’re gonna be looking at. You will enjoy an enormous array of options that will suit all kinds of events and functions, and your budget. Budget. There’s your first tip! Before you even choose a boat or a place, you need to fix your budget, because this will determine whether you will be drinking out of red plastic cups or sophisticated flutes. Be realistic, you don’t wanna be living off debts for the rest of your life, just because you wanted to make an impression.


Jot down the number of heads


Once you work out your budget, every other step will be made easier. Take a notepad and write down the names of all the people coming to your party and send out invites at least a month prior to the event. Assign a time and place where you would all meetup; remember you’ll be cruising on the waters, if you forget someone or something, heading back won't be a possible option. Also, note down your guests' food preferences and allergies for easier menu planning.


Boat hunting


Based on the budget and guest capacity, we now can start with the most exciting part of the all ‘planning ahead’ thing - boat hunting. A boat party hire on Sydney Harbour offers you plenty of vessels of all shapes and sizes, catering to all occasions. They are usually categorised as superyachts, party boats, bare boats, glass boats and sailing yachts. After finalising your guest list, pick a boat that fits everyone comfortably and call your charter agency right away.


Themes always work


While not all parties need a theme, they can surely make any party more lively, fun, unique and memorable. Themes can vary significantly based on the people attending. One of the major draw cards of hosting a boat party is the fact that you can tailor the vessel the way you want. Themes, decors, party games, entertainment, food, drinks, you name it. All you need to do is bounce off your ideas with the charter or hire managers, give them a feel of what you expect and desire, and boom… you got yourself a party!


Last but definitely not the least


This goes without saying, but the guests’ safety is one of the first things you need to prioritise, especially if you're serving alcoholic drinks on board. While most boat hire comes with a professional and knowledgeable crew, you always have to be double sure when it comes to safety. One easy way to ensure a safe charter and minimise on board injuries or accidents is to have a surplus of first-aid kits and emergency kits. This will be handy if any of the guests have food concerns or allergies.


A key to any successful party is the venue; a boat party will have you covered on that! Imagine dancing to the latest electronic bangers while sipping your favourite drinks, exchanging endless laughters and smiles, all with the iconic skyline of Sydney backdrop! Now that's gonna be the talk of the town for a couple of days!