How to Spend a Christmas Alone in Sydney
How to Spend a Christmas Alone in Sydney
Spending Christmas alone doesn’t have to be so bad as you imagine. Here are some ways you can celebrate it well.

How to Spend a Christmas Alone in Sydney


‘Alone’ is often deemed as a sad word and it intensifies in meaning and purpose during festivals. Wonder why? That’s the time when everyone gets together—with their families, friends or even colleagues. For instance, since Christmas is the nearest festival, I hardly doubt if there’s someone who doesn’t have anywhere to go on Xmas eve. *sniff sniff* Sadly, I happen to be that person in the room. I’ve spent a few too many Christmases with myself and I know exactly why I do what I do at the arrival of the best season of the year. So you might wanna take notes, kids. 


Go on a Blind Date Aboard a Christmas Party Cruise 


The ever-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are the two most significant landmarks in the area that attract the largest crowd to the city. And when Christmas arrives, the crowd gets bigger and reckless. You could be amidst this crowd and still feel alone. And that’s why you should listen to this sad potato here…Once I set myself up with a blind date on board one of the Christmas party cruises in Sydney and it was uh-ma-zing! Although it wasn’t a romantic date, I became friends with one of the coolest people in my life, Dan. I know this sounds like a dream, but imagine this could be you. However, I’d like to warn you mates. These cruises, with their very electric atmosphere, are meant for socialising. So be sure to be in a mood to mix and mingle when you’re on board. Most often, these cruising venues are also one of the most trending corporate Christmas party ideas. So, you can expect to rub shoulders with someone from work. 


Keep Calm and Finish a Book 


Hustle culture has its claws deep in today's generation, and it’s not surprising that we don’t read as many books as our older generations. Reading is immediately dismissed as a time-consuming activity and we are as impatient as we could ever be. Our minds are easily distracted and that explains why we read less. So, this Christmas, give yourself a break from your phone and screens, if at all you’ve been spending too much time with your gadgets.  Perhaps, you’ve been trying to get back to reading yet getting lost on the way. If you’re spending this Christmas alone, then finishing off that book you’ve been dodging on purpose could be a good idea. 


A Solitary Swim at the Beach


Spending time at the beach could be a great way to soak up some nature and rejuvenate your senses. Listen to the roaring waves, feel the surf against your warm skin and breathe in the sea air. Even to imagine, a trip to the beach often works wonders for me as it dissolves all the stress and anxieties in my life. And it may be so with many of you. Perhaps, you could take a dip in the sea too. 


One of my biggest life lessons was realising the importance of spending time with myself. We often relate the word ‘alone’ to ‘loneliness’ and not ‘solitude’. But have you ever thought why most of us have an aversion towards the idea itself? Perhaps, it's pointing towards our fear of feeling lonely and abandoned when we’re alone. When we’re all by ourselves, we may suffer a daisy-chain of insecurities and fears. And the only way to overcome these is to face them as they come at us. Honestly, being alone during Christmas could be disastrous; but we could always try to face the reality, accept it and move on. After all, wouldn’t that be the best gift you could give yourself? Let me know your thoughts mates!