How To Embrace Being a True Aussie This Australia Day
How To Embrace Being a True Aussie This Australia Day
Pay homage to the nation, its people, culture and diversity with some common Australia Day traditions and activities.


It’s the day they sing the national anthem the loudest, the day they hoist the national flag the highest and the day they wear the green and gold proudest – Australia Day! It’s the one day where Aussies from all walks of life come together to join hands in what will be the biggest patriotic celebration in the South Pacific. And trust me when I tell you, Australians know how to put on a good show! The easy going, laid-back nature and friendliness of everyone will be at its full display on this special occasion!


So, if you’re curious about how the Aussies like to party, read on and get a taste of it!


Watch the Ferrython & more from Australia Day Cruises


It wouldn’t do justice to say that Sydney gets very busy during the national day. Hundreds of events, parades, concerts and patriotic displays will be scattered across the city, including the harbour, where traditional events such as the Ferrython takes place. If you’re new to the city, and want to be amidst the biggest celebrations embracing the patriotic spirit, there’s nothing better than the Australia Day cruises on Sydney Harbour. A top-rated and much-desired attraction on this day, these cruises offer front-row seats to some of the top harbour events, alongside a sumptuous lunch and other refreshments. They are usually sold out, so if you got your eyes set on them already, better book now!


Hit a six or four with backyard cricket


It doesn’t get more Aussie than messing around in your own backyard playing the national sport on national day! The games played would be pretty much similar to the actual international sport, but less strict, and more flexible, making it more fun and perfect for anyone to jump in – young and old! The awesome thing about backyard cricket is that it can be played anywhere with just a bat, ball and stumps. You can also go one step further by organising an exhibition match with the local community, charging the attendees, and raising the money for a good cause. Now, that’s Australian!


Embrace the First Nations and their culture


The tales around Australia Day and the arrival of the First Fleet still reverberate in the ears of the indigenous natives who still see the day as a day of mourning for their great ancestors who suffered at the hands of the colonists. They embrace this ‘mourning day’ with a celebration of cultural strength and survival, through an array of events in and around the city. Traditional ceremonies and creative displays can be seen led by the First Nations representatives, who showcase their cultural richness and history through touching, meaningful, and modern performances! An inclusive approach is to take part, show support, and learn and understand more about the history of Australia!


Keep it cool this summer


Summer in Australia is not your worst nightmare but it can get under your skin at times, especially when you're out celebrating in high spirits. Most major events and special days happen during these three months, so it’s only fitting that there are plenty of ways to keep the heat at bay. Get set to get wet this Australia Day! Keep them sprinklers on in the backyard as the kids run riot. Make fruit-flavoured ice blocks, throw water balloons at each other all day, or simply keep the celebrations indoors in air-conditioned venues! Hitting the beach is also a common observance on this special occasion with sensational fitness events and outdoor concerts keeping everyone entertained all day! Be sure to check out the mouth-watering national day special food stalls and pop-ups!