How I Plan To End The Year On a High Note
How I Plan To End The Year On a High Note
Take notes of the highs and lows of the year, reflect on everything that happened and end the year on a high note!


For billions, 2022 was the first normal year after a horrendous couple of years and coming into it I had high hopes and renewed dreams. As nonchalant as I am, I was kind of  nervous stepping into the New Year but I guess that’s also part of who I am. I was supposed to make a buck load of money and have heaps of fun, but I was humbled by life itself, when a sickness had struck me. Now the year feels like it’s been split into messy chapters and rightfully so. I started out as a copywriter, enjoyed a brief vacation in Gold Coast, my hair got whiter by the month, I became ill for over two weeks and now I’m getting back on my feet in August, which made me wonder ‘What’s next?’.


The climax I deserve


Given that there isn't much left of 2022, it’s safe to say it’s not too early to think about ending the year on a high note. Who doesn't deserve a glorious climax? The thing about living in Sydney is you can be spoilt for choice when picking anything, especially if it’s during the last few days of the year. But for me, booking the New Year cruises was a walk in the park. This ethereal ending to the year is just what I need to start the next one with high spirits. 


A rejuvenating dining experience with impressive angles of the family and midnight fireworks show, along with some fizzy drinks to keep you going! Renowned to be the best vantage point in Sydney to watch the pyrotechnics, these cruises are a great way to wave off the year in style. And with the likes of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park and more as backdrops, you will never run out of photo ops! Surely there’s no better way to end the year than onboard these highly-recommended New Year cruises on Sydney Harbour right?!


Introspect. Shortlist. Scrap.


This is not a marvel movie. This is your life. You don’t want a sequel of your current year actions for the next year. It should be a whole darn reboot. It doesn’t necessarily mean you drop everything, forget your mistakes and go forward unplanned. Acknowledging your lows is just as important.  I owe it to myself to start anew, forge a better year and stay less stagnant. Still, there will be many various elements I plan to carry on from 2022 like writing, working out and learning new skills that I stalled halfway through. A pro tip you can use is writing down everything you achieved along with things you didn't. Make sure you highlight the achievements so that you can gear up for 2023 and move on swiftly!


The two Gs


If there’s one thing I have right now that can change the world, it’s generosity. To be as generous as the heroic food vendors at Broadway Shopping Centre who give out 100 free meals to students every Tuesday, is something I aspire to be before the year ends. That’s as real as it gets. I have overlooked  plenty of opportunities to be generous and grateful. When I jotted down the 2022 review , I felt like I should be overflowing with gratefulness but the breakneck speed in which I hustled blinded me to them. I look to transform this gratefulness into generosity, giving the world what was given to me.

Final thoughts


The year varies for all people. Although I faced my fair share of lows, I’m ready to put everything that’s holding me aside and move on, kick off the new year with some oomph!  So let's take action and end the year on the highest note! See you in 2023!