Here is Sydney Served Sunny Side Up
Here is Sydney Served Sunny Side Up
When I travelled to Sydney, I spent my time there in several exciting ways. Read on further to know more…

Travelling to me is simply exciting. Meeting people from different walks of life, getting to try new cuisines, learning about different cultures etc. there’s nothing like it. Out of all the places I have travelled to, I must tell you, Sydney is one place that has caught my attention. Don’t take my word for it, experience to believe. No wonder, its rich multicultural heritage and pure culinary passion makes it the Flavour Capital of Australia. 


There is so much to discover in Sydney that makes it so much more interesting. From surfing the waves to sailing on yachts and so much more. Ever thought of watching the sunset from the Hornby Lighthouse or experiencing a Sydney Harbour cruise offering dinner, or maybe even a sightseeing lunch? What’s more magnificent than dining with the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as the backdrop. There is no dearth of things to do or see in this city that I soon found myself immersed into different activities that left me thrilled to the core.  


Lunch Cruising All the Way 


This was one of my favourite “things to do” in Sydney, which is why it tops the list. With spectacular views of Sydney’s icons, dining onboard a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. To top it all, the lunch was remarkable. From the entree to the dessert, everything had my heart. My favourite was the dessert, being a sweet-tooth it wasn’t a wonder though. The best part, I had set foot in Sydney and onboard a cruise for the very first time. That too, I was travelling along with my friends, making it more fun and special altogether. After creating such beautiful memories, these moments had to be captured in my all new Canon EOS 90D camera.


Went on a Shopping Spree at Queen Victoria Building 


Are you a shopaholic? I certainly am and being a girl, you surely can’t have enough bags, shoes and clothes. So right after a “little tour” at Darling Harbour, we set out to visit the Queen Victoria Building. No doubt, it is worth visiting the beautifully rehabilitated building with colourful stained-glass windows and mosaic floors. We were surprised to find more than 200 high-end shops in its galleries. The outfits at the Aussie designer boutiques were so attractive, we just had to try them on, even if they cost a fortune. 


Surfed the Waves at Bondi Beach


So after all the shopping, we decided to hit the waves. We knew Sydney was also popular for its beaches and you can’t deny that surfing is pretty thrilling! When it’s with your friends, it is double the excitement. The only thing was, surfing was on our cards but we had a tough time deciding on the beach. From Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Manly Beach and the like, we finally chose Bondi Beach. We got into a little competition and it was difficult to say if we were competing against each other or the tides. The experience was simply awesome. 


Watched an Interesting Play at the King’s Cross 


At night, we thought of exploring the famous King’s Cross. It isn’t difficult to locate it, you know? The moment we saw the large Coca-Cola billboard at the the intersection of the William Street and Darlinghurst Road, we knew we were on the right track. Famously referred to as “The Gateway to the Cross”, it is Sydney’s nightlife hub. Fashionistas stay at boutique hotels, hostelers flock to hip cafes (we got into one ourselves) which are some of the highlights here.


So, don’t you wish you were in my shoes and travelling around Sydney?  I have decided I would definitely visit this beautiful city a second time around. It was such a fun and exciting place to be in. There are still so many things to do in this marvellous city, I can’t wait to be back here to give you an account on all that and more.