Here are Four Alternatives to the Usual Office Party
Here are Four Alternatives to the Usual Office Party
Whether it’s Christmas or a wave to another financial year, check out these Sydney activities to win your team over–cruises, short getaways and more.


Celebrations are one way to bring people together, especially if it involves a diverse group like in most corporate companies. The holiday spirit in Sydney is marked by annual corporate events and meetings that are usually hosted to show love and appreciation to the workforce and their year of hard work. But office parties are so out of style that the meaning behind them gets lost in oblivion. If you’re looking to honour your employees or companions in a rather unique way than the usual holiday fare with eggnogs and wrapped-up gifts, then check out this short list.


Cruise Sydney Harbour


A shindig doesn't always have to be at night. Christmas party cruises on Sydney Harbour lets you enjoy an extraordinary view of the city you call home. It’s  true that Sydney is home to one of the prettiest harbours on the planet and taking to these waters with your favourite group of people and setting sail for a cruise and dine experience is one of the best ways to fully appreciate its beauty. With extensive beverage upgrades and diverse food menus, the cruises will offer a tantalising dining experience with views that can rival even the most highest rooftop hotels in the city. These corporate Christmas party cruises in Sydney set the right setting to share intimate moments, private conversations, enjoy ambient dining and a lot of photo opportunities. It’s impossible to pass on this one-of-a-kind experience. Book now!


A Short Trip


A behemoth of a party isn't always the answer. In this new age of youngsters who get easily bored, how about you organise a short getaway rather than blowing the budget on traditional holiday parties. A trip is ideal since it skips the awkward or forceful interaction of employees which is common under the clouds of a fancy party. It also brings the team together and enjoy each other's company through travelling, adventure, hiking, camping etc. These fun inclusions are prime catalysts that can help trigger a boost in team morale, communication, critical thinking and the general relationship among the workers. Additionally, it also gives you and your companions an opportunity to step out of the cubicle and embark on a group holiday with adventure, food and lots of fun.


Give and Get


If you're still struggling to find a meaningful way to honour your workers, then perhaps the best option for you or anyone to celebrate the holiday spirit is to give back to the less fortunate. Giving your employees a chance to give back will allow them to feel part of a larger community; this could be anything from volunteering at shelters or non-profits, donating to charities like Help4Kids or SCHF, hosting fund-raising activities, or even helping out in any way for a common cause. Be sure that you are not forcing anyone to donate. The holiday season can get tough for anyone so you cannot expect a generous donation from everyone in the organisation. Furthermore, you can help them figure out how much or how else they can contribute, who knows, maybe the art of giving back could be helping out someone in your own circle.


Cosy Potluck


For a team with a small group of people, office potlucks are the ideal alternatives to the usual holiday party. Every member of your team can showcase their culinary skills or even the cultural background they represent through the dishes or drinks they bring to the potluck party. You can also get to know each other over a simple meal and even ensure an equal amount of contribution throughout the team. And if you still crave for some holiday spirit, you can grace the office with themed decors like candles, rugs, mats, bells and the like.