Freelance Visa- Reasons Why People are Liking it?
Freelance Visa- Reasons Why People are Liking it?
Nowadays, The UAE´s market is one of the most profitable in the whole world, especially in the freelance sector. This makes many individuals want to be a part of it, moving from their country to the UAE and becoming an ex-pat. Nevertheless, if you´re considering becoming an ex-pat in the UAE you must know what benefits does a freelance visa in Dubai gives you.

Why Is Freelance Visa In Dubai So Famous?

In this article, we´ll talk just about that, we´ll mention the basics of a freelance visa in Dubai. We´ll cover:

  1. What is a freelance visa?
  2. Benefits of a freelance Visa

What is a freelance visa?

Before talking about their benefits, you need to know what a freelance visa is. A Dubai freelance visa is a license that govt issues to individuals to allow them to work as independent contractors.
Simply put, without a freelance visa, you won´t be able to work as a freelancer in the UAE. Furthermore, a freelance visa in dubai is renewable every 3 years and it´s considered ideal for workers that only need a license to operate as a freelancer.

Aside from a freelancer visa, there also are freelancer´s permit that works the same way. However, for individuals who are not sponsored by their spouse or family, a freelance visa is better.

Contrary to the freelance visa in Dubai, a freelance permit is renewable each year. In other words, if you´re a UAE resident you can use a freelance permit, but if you´re not a UAE national, you´ll need a freelance visa.

However, you can only get a freelancer visa based on your job sector. As of now, you can only get a freelance visa UAE in the following sectors:

  • Media employment in which you can choose up to 3 activities. Some activities are actors, cameramen’s, commentators, content providers, market analysts, musicians, producers, translators, scriptwriters, etc.
  • Education in which you can only opt for one position. Some examples are education and eLearning advisors, executive coaching, researcher, and trainer.
  • Employed in tech in which you can only opt for one position. Some examples are software development, architecture freelancer, data Science, and analytics freelancer, customer service freelancer, etc.
  • Employed in design in which you can only opt for one position. Some examples are apparel designer, concept designer, fashion artist, hairstylist, interior designer, textile designer, wedding planner, costume designer, etc.

Benefits of a freelance Visa

The main benefit of a freelance visa in Dubai is that it lets you work as a freelancer in the UAE. Consequently, this means that whatever benefits that freelance work has are also applicable to be a benefit of the freelance visa.

With that in mind, there are several benefits to being able to work as a freelancer in Dubai as an ex-pat. The main ones are:

You´re your only boss

This can be considered the main benefit of a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi. Being able to work as a freelancer gives you freedom since, as a freelancer, you don´t have a boss.

In a “regular” job you have a boss that navigates the workflow in the direction they want. This means you won´t be able to be truly “free” when working since most workplaces don´t let you do things as you seem fit.

However, as we just mentioned, working as a freelancer lets you be in charge of the affairs. You are the one who chooses how to complete a project and what career path to follow when you start working.To find jobs in dubai go here.

This means you can adapt the task you´re doing to your core strengths so you can finalize it successfully.

Fewer office politics

This can be linked to the previous benefit. Working a non-freelancing job potentially means you work at an office, and more often than not, you´ll be subject to workplace politics. Usually, these politics are made to create a balance and a productive environment.

However, most workplace politics create discord among workers, making people feel miserable. Nevertheless, working as a freelancer means you can escape from any office space politics and all its disadvantages.

Richer career

A regular job doesn´t leave you much room to enrich your career. This mainly comes from the fact that people tend to stay many years in the same job doing the same tasks every day.

Although this is more stable for your future and your career as a whole, if you want to broaden your experience, then it won´t help you.

But how exactly does working as a freelancer help me? You might be wondering yourself. It´s pretty simple, working as a freelancer means more clients with different projects.

With each new client, you´ll gain experience in various topics, boosting your knowledge and portfolio. Consequently, this will take your career to places where a 9-to-5 job wouldn´t be able to.

Time flexibility

As well as the 2nd benefit, this benefit can be linked to the 1rst one. Working a regular job at an office means you have fixed hours to work.

However, working as a freelancer makes you able to decide when you want to work. You can choose a time where your productivity and concentration are at their highest.

For example, some people prefer working early in the morning while others at the night. It all comes down to your choice.

Furthermore, if a client gives you a deadline in mind, you can plan a work schedule for it that is consistent with your routine. Of course, this is applicable as long as you follow the deadline indicated by the client.

You can work anywhere

Just as it sounds, a freelancer can work wherever they want as long as they got the means for it.

As long as you got a device and good internet you can work in any place, be it your home, in another country, etc. With freelancing, you aren´t bound to a cubicle, meaning the whole world can be your cubicle.

You can work one day at your home, then the next day at a café, or even work while you´re traveling to other places. No matter where you are, you can still keep making money.

What would you be able to perform as a consultant in Dubai?

One of the remarkable benefits of an independent visa in Dubai is the manner that you have the chance to arrange your job. It means that you may fill in as a consultant and search for clients at your cadence, however you likewise can function as a self-employed entity for a corporation.

The firm might hire you to work for a short or long run project, you'll in any case have the flexibility to work. Moreover, with your independent permission, you're ready to go to the free zone's business site.

you must also know the Freelance visa cost before going to acquire it since it's crucial to have an understanding of what you are applying for.

How might a freelance visa provide you the versatility to work?

The benefits of a freelance visa, flexibility must be the major ones. Having long-lasting employment might lead you to feel trapped and that you cannot cope with performing the activities you enjoy.

Freedom to explore your vocation: you may decide the number of customers you need to have, the projects you need to take, and how to accomplish them.