Few Ways to Spend Quality Time with your Loved Ones.
Few Ways to Spend Quality Time with your Loved Ones.
Are you spending quality time with your phones more than your family? Read further to know how you can change that…

Few Ways to Spend Quality Time with your Loved Ones.

In this fast-paced world, where no one has any time for each other, we tend to forget to give some quality time to our loved ones. Eyes focus more on our phones than on what’s happening around at home, right? Don’t you think your family deserves a bit more attention? 


Just stating what's in my mind since I have been away from my family for work. Being a thorough workaholic, I have been guilty of spending very less time with them. I tried to find ways to make up for the lost time. Being a Sydneysider, my work took me far away from home, to Canada. The realisation soon hit me when I felt lonely. I then understood the position I had put my family in. Not only that, I decided to do something about it as soon as I got back home. 


Outdoor Activities Make A Difference


What’s better than spending time outdoors with your loved ones to spend some quality time? As I had come down to Sydney for the Christmas season, I decided to take my family on board one of the Christmas cruises on Sydney harbour. The experience was magnificent. We kept our phones aside, especially me. We couldn’t ask for a greater ambience. All of us cruised over the waters, with delicious food, drinks, spectacular views and beautiful conversations. in Christmas party harbour cruises Sydney turned out to be the ideal choice for us to spend quality time with each other. 


A Family that Eats Together Stays Together 


Sitting around a table with food and conversations is such a natural way to spend time with your family. Isn’t it? My mom, who was busy cooking dinner, was taken aback to see me enter the kitchen. I only knew the refrigerator area, otherwise the rest of the space was alien to me. Giving her a helping hand itself gave her utmost joy. From the kitchen to the dining hall, those small conversations and laughs were enough to keep my family happy and uplifted. Eating and connecting together certainly creates a healthy environment and maintains one’s health both physically and mentally. 


Movie Nights at Home


This was another way to spend quality time with my family. Lights off! With popcorn and drinks in our hands, we watched a couple of movies that everyone liked in unison. That felt like a good way to laugh and mimic the same dialogues we knew by heart. Moreover we had great fun together and that was what was important. 


Play a Game Indoors


Not just outdoor activities, even indoor activities can be fun. Board games and card games for instance are a great way to connect with your loved ones. I spent some time doing exactly that. We sat around playing a game of cards and carroms after lunch and dinner time. It might seem old-fashioned, but that’s what makes it technology-free. One gets so engrossed in the games, there’s no looking back at the phone behind you. 


Teach Each Other What You Know


Yes, there is a generation gap between me and my family. That’s why there is so much to learn from them that I don’t know and vice versa. Lack of knowledge about something is certainly not embarrassing. So having a conversation where we teach each other a skill or anything else for that matter is enlightening for both sides. My mom, being a housewife, is not too literate in technology. It takes a lot of patience to teach, but I managed to sit down and get her to understand the basics nevertheless. It was one-sided though, she taught me how to stitch a sweater in return. This give and take proved to be not only knowledgeable but fun as well. 


The Christmas holidays I spent with my family proved to be pretty fruitful. All I have got to say in the end is this - Escape from the virtual world, and know the value of the people around you, mates!