Experiences that Made Sydney My Favourite City
Experiences that Made Sydney My Favourite City
Sydney is galore with a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Plan a visit to Sydney with your loved ones and see what excites you more.

Experiences that Made Sydney My Favourite City

Visiting your favourite destinations is cool, but do you know, what’s cooler? Well, writing about the experiences you’ve enjoyed there! Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to go to Sydney in Australia, where my best friend lived. I dreamed of seeing the places she always talked about, all by myself one day. And here it is! Even if I haven’t explored enough of this beautiful Aussie city, I will share with you two of the best experiences I had in Sydney. 

Well, Sydney is a paradise filled with a lot of activities suitable for all ages to indulge in. If you are someone who craves thrill and adventure along with learning and discovering, Sydney has it all for you! 

Relaxing Cruises on Sydney Harbour

Travelling can be a tiring experience that demands a need to relax every now and then. But I love travelling since it is a golden chance to enjoy new amazing places and meet different kinds of people. It’s a truly refreshing activity. 

There are many waterfront dining cruises on Sydney Harbour offering an amazing sightseeing opportunity with restaurant-quality dining. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful sights that the harbour has in store for you aboard a harbour cruise with dinner. It’s a chance to get close-up views of Sydney’s best icons such as the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Luna Park, and so on. From a premium glass boat to a budget-friendly catamaran and an authentic paddlewheeler, there are many cruises you can choose from according to your taste and preference. 

The same luxury experience and dining opportunities are available aboard the Sydney Harbour cruise offering lunch packages. Let me assure you, the experience and sights you are guaranteed on board will leave you wanting more. So, if you are looking for a way to add something extra while enjoying the views of the most beautiful architectural marvels in the world up close and personal, you can board one of the sought-after relaxing cruises on Sydney Harbour. 

Learning about The Aboriginal Culture

Like I said, learning about new things is also one of the best things travelling promises us. So, if you are a culture vulture or a history buff, then Australia’s Aboriginal culture is one of the best things to explore more about. It’s one of the most ancient living cultures and if you could secure an opportunity to learn more about their lifestyle and belief system, it will be the best memory you can cherish for the years to come. 

Sign up for a personalised guided tour offered in Australia’s oldest museum located in the heart of Sydney, housing many artefacts, as well as a huge variety of Indigenous Australian weapons, ornaments, bark paintings, tools, and more. You can also go on a walking tour and explore more information about the local Aboriginal history and the landscape with the help of a local since everyone in Australia is familiar with Aboriginal history and culture. You can also check out the cultural markets where there would be a display of live music, dance, and other entertainment programmes. 

Let me promise you, it’s an amazing chance to get a new perspective of the city because I secured the same when learning about the Aboriginal culture. You can also check out Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden, often hailed as home to rich Aboriginal heritage. There are professional guides who can help you to learn more about the ancient and contemporary art of the people, dance forms and culture.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of experiences that one can pursue in this rich city, but these are my favourite!