Different Ideas To Enjoy Christmas Day In Sydney
Different Ideas To Enjoy Christmas Day In Sydney
Thinking of things to do this Christmas in Sydney? Read on to know more

Different Ideas To Enjoy Christmas Day In Sydney

Does thinking up ideas for an Aussie Christmas tire you out? I mean, it is fun to spend the day out in the sunshine, but what if you run out of ideas about what to do on this Christmas Day in Sydney? Worry not! From hopping aboard one of the Christmas day cruises in Sydney to prawn runs, there are plenty of things you can do this Christmas.

Cruise the harbour on a Christmas Day

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends and make memories. But what if you could make the day even more special for your favourite people? Forget about getting your turkey and Christmas pudding fix at a hotel buffet or spending hours toiling in the kitchen making lunch. Instead just book a ticket and get on board one of the Christmas lunch cruises in Sydney. Take to the water to enjoy a freshly cooked Christmas banquet on board. Enjoy bottomless drinks while taking in views of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Spot the Surfing Santas 

You might have heard of Santa soaring through the sky or coming through the windows, but ever heard of Santa on a surfboard? Well, welcome to Sydney I guess. Surfing Santas are kind of an unofficial tradition here. Though not everyone is brave enough to surf in a Santa suit, it does happen! So try your luck next time when you visit the beach maybe! Fun fact! Bondi beach holds the record for the largest number of surfing santas with 320 surfers.  

Hit the Beaches

Christmas in Sydney falls during summer and it's not really surprising to see families hitting the beach on a Christmas day. With the temperature going up around 25°c or even more, visiting the beach is one of the best ways to beat the heat. So don’t be shy to rock that ugly Christmas rashies out in the sun. Make sandcastles or even better, make a sandman while you spend some time under the sun. And make sure you’ve got your sunglasses on!

Run for your prawns

No one wants to spend their time around the hot oven in the summer. So most Australian Christmas Lunches consist of fresh seafood like prawns and oysters paired with salads. And there is a huge demand for prawns on Christmas day. Enter The Prawn Run. The prawn run is actually a rush to buy the freshest prawns on Christmas day and is kind of an Australian tradition.

Time to take that grill out

Another thing to look forward to at Christmas for a Sydneysider is the BBQ. It's the perfect occasion where you and your friends can gather together, bringing a variety of food from chicken to prawns and grill them to perfection coupled with a salad made of charred pineapples or a cherry and a watermelon salad. It is a nice occasion to chill with your friends, have a cold beer and eat to your fill and just relax.

Walk through the festive lights

Christmas is the time when the whole city lights up. And what better way to enjoy the light displays than to walk among them. Watch the whole city transform into a kaleidoscopic wonderland straight from the dreams as you stroll past the lights and decorations. The best parts about these light displays include the Canopy of Light, a sparkling installation with 85,000 lights and two high stars.  And Sydney’s tallest tree that has around a hundred thousand LED lights lighting up the city. 

Sydney comes alive during Christmas day. So get out there and experience the magic yourself!

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