Client Visit: Top Venue in Sydney To Clinch That Deal
Client Visit: Top Venue in Sydney To Clinch That Deal
Looking for the perfect setting in Sydney for your upcoming client visit or business visiting? Read this short article and get your answers!

Client Visit: Top Venue in Sydney To Clinch That Deal

The world saw its fair share of virtual meetings, celebrations, conferences and the like but the time to go back into the real world has dawned upon us. Creating that connection with staff, stakeholders and clients is invaluable. For newer clients, this might be their first time spending time with you face-to-face, so it’s essential to create a plan. The perfect client visit starts with planning; it can ensure you meet your goals and consolidate that relationship. Here’s a look at how I hosted the absolute epic client visit in Sydney.


Friend to the rescue


It was summer in Sydney. Companies were running riot shortlisting the best corporate Christmas party ideas for their annual office celebration and events. It was also the beginning of the holiday season. When our client meeting was confirmed, I already had the perfect plan in mind to make it a successful one. My friend let me in on his glass boat dining experience on Sydney Harbour;  it was for a corporate meeting, and every single one of his colleagues were impressed! Even the boss put him on a pedestal the next day at work. And that’s why, even though Sydney is brimming with options, I decided to go with the glass boat cruise.


Remember, the thing about face-to-face meetings is that you're not only selling your product or service, but also the brilliant minds behind it. A zoom call won’t do you any justice. 


Face-to-face with luxury


There are a few options for Christmas party cruises in Sydney, but I went forward with a  luxury glass boat. The vessel was nothing short of stunning; the moment we set foot inside I knew that we were gearing up for something special. The cruise team was more than welcoming, and led us to our reserved tables with a warm smile. We sat down and I saw my client take a good look at the vessel and I followed his glance. To be precise, the vessel oozed comfort, I don’t know how else to put it… you could feel it in the air! With fully climate controlled interiors, cutting-edge amenities and massive floor-to-ceiling glass windows, there was no better setting on the harbour. 


Interesting turn of events


We started out lightly with trivial conversation; the waiter started doing rounds, serving us the drinks along with the entrees. Funny thing is we never got to the meeting until after lunch, the clients were too immersed in the experience. We didn't want it to turn out to be a social visit, but our clients had other ideas! They insisted we get up from our seats and take a stroll around the vessel and we did. The outer decks were simply stunning; from the iconic Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park to Fort Denison, they got to see some of the biggest harbour attractions up close! We took advantage of these moments and captured some exceptional photographs! We enjoyed a couple more minutes on the outer decks with our drinks in hand before returning to our seats for the much-awaited lunch.


Good food = Good times


When my friend told me it was the best waterfront dining experience he has had, he wasn’t kidding! The entree was only a glimpse of what was to come! The main course for the day was seafood, oven-roasted chicken, special vegetable salads and more. It was out of this world; it was absolutely clear our guests enjoyed every single bite of it — even the dessert tasted insanely good! 

The aftermath


After the feasting came to a close, it was time for the deal to transpire. We headed to the mezzanine lounge for the meeting and safe to say it all went well! The ‘well done’ wink from the boss right after was the cherry on the icing on the cake! 


If you're looking for somewhere in Sydney to take your clients, the answer is clear.