Australia Best Cruises: Dinner, Adventure And More!
Australia Best Cruises: Dinner, Adventure And More!
Here are my top cruises in Sydney, Gold Coast and Kakadu to inspire your next trip to the land down under.

For some people freedom is an unaffordable luxury, for some, it is like a pen in the pocket which they can whip out anytime they want. There’s no difference here. Ultimately, freedom is attained by choice. If you're a creature of habit, a predictable man, or a woman of routine and your travel dreams are getting postponed to the next year, you got only yourself to blame. You are pinned down by the choices you make on the regular. What if you set a deadline for that trip like you would with a company project?


I ventured up, down and sideways through the Land Down Under to discover the best cruise experiences and dug out some gems. This blog may have the potential to trigger a change in your perspective and get rid of every single excuse you make when it comes to travelling. Read along!


Luxe on the waters - Dinner Cruises Sydney 


Cruising in Sydney is like global warming. It’s inevitable. They are one of the most highly-recommended activities for both travellers and residents and I now get why. Right when I stepped foot on the mighty paddlewheeler, I knew I was gearing up for something special - and it was! I was shown to my seat by the gorgeous showgirls and as the vessel slowly made its headway, entrees were served. Apart from food and drinks, it also included a live cabaret show. The prelude had already grabbed my attention with its glamorous performers and before the start of the show I had the opportunity to stroll the outer decks and soak up the nightly views of Sydney. Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park - all of them up close! I didn’t wanna go back inside but the show was making its much-awaited start. For an hour or so my mind travelled places. It was an extravagant showcase of colours, lights, music, dance and costumes! Following the show, I enjoyed a fitting climax by relishing a multi-course dinner which was scrumptious to say the least. I think it just might be my favourite Sydney Harbour cruise with dinner.


Clawsome adventure - Tweed Crab Catching Tours


I have played it safe my whole life, until I met my wife. It was she who pushed me out of the 9-5 to go travelling. I realise now that life is a balance of what we’re supposed to do and what we really want to do. When I set out to experience an award winning cruise experience I knew what I wanted. The unique Tweed crab catching cruise offered us an unforgettable outdoor adventure with the likes of fishing, yabbie pumping for trapping live crabs, feeding the pelicans and more! We started off with the morning tea and enjoyed the scenery of the splendid Tweed River as we slowly started our sailing. And when one of the cruise staff offered my son a chance to hold a crab, it was definitely one of his core-memory moments. All the moving, pumping and walking helped burn a lot of calories so it’s safe to say that it was good for the heart! 


The crossover we needed - Jumping Crocodile Cruise


When I hit my 30s I realised I need to start collecting experiences instead of collecting stuff - that I need to stop making excuses and make plans instead. My next destination, Kakadu, was perhaps the one that hyped me the most. I was always into crocodiles, especially the massive ones and this was my chance to get a look at them in their natural habitat. We embarked on our journey in the Saltwater croc infested Adelaide river and the staff had raised his meat-tied rod from the lines. And boom! They jumped out the waters and snagged the piece of meat, leaving nothing but his chew stamp on the rod! I was bewildered by their athleticism! And that’s not all! We came across multiple species of birds and some wild buffalos as well! It was truly an eye opener!