Is Online Therapy Given Free for First Time? (Free trial)
Is Online Therapy Given Free for First Time? (Free trial)
Free online therapy services that provide psychological counselling and support to people all around the world received a rating from me.

Online counselling is practical, adaptable, safe, and successful. If you're anxious about how you'll pay for it, the excellent thing is that internet counselling is sometimes free. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can log into an online therapy session with a professional therapist from anywhere in the globe.

Many websites and applications provide free online treatment, and we've combed through them to find the top options for 2021. Three crucial features for anyone requesting online mental health care were analyzed for these well-known free online therapy programs.

Read our reviews to find the finest free and affordable online therapy.

My Rating based on Free Online Therapy Services Communication Method

It's all about convenience when it comes to online counselling. We emphasized services that provide patients with a variety of contact options, such as video and phone chat, e-mails, online chat, and messaging services. I  also searched for firms that had their own mobile app and provided on-demand support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Availability of Therapist

Each person's therapy requirements are unique. We evaluated free-only therapy options that allow you to select from a community of online therapists or even hire your own. Many feature a pre-screening process to discover any pre-existing symptoms and match you with the appropriate mental health coach or licensed professional online therapist.


You can get help when you are in need with online therapy. We ranked services that give on-demand or same-day appointments, as well as those that provide accessible care. We also looked at how long it would take for a patient to get a free online counselling appointment. Free online therapy services that provide psychological counselling and support to people all around the world received a rating from me.

Best Online Therapy Providers with Free Trials eThrapyPro

eTherapyPro is the best possible free online therapy, providing new patients a 3 trial. It is secure, simple, and accessible throughout the United States. Online therapists are well-versed in a wide range of mental health therapies.

Each counselor collaborates with you to identify attainable goals and create a plan of action. All eTherapyPro counselors are licensed therapists with a master's degree or equivalent who work across the United States. These specialists are also authorized to work in their home state. If you don't get along with your current counselor, you can switch.

CIMHS Online Therapy for Depression with Free-Trials

The CIMHS free online therapy for depression platform is founded on positive psychology concepts and specializes in accessible cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Fill out interactive activities and tests at your own leisure to begin the process. For future reference, you can obtain one-page summaries.

A weekly melancholy scale to assess mood, workbooks to practice cognitive and behavioral strategies, and online exams to review basic concepts in online counseling are all free resources. These concepts are efficiently communicated through illustrated examples, which are summarized in printable one-page sheets.

Free Trials with 7 Cups

7 Cups delivers online emotional support chat to people in over 189 countries through a strong network of peers or volunteer listeners. You can also communicate with other members through a discussion board and private chat rooms.

7 Cups is an online chat system that links people in need of emotional support with trained volunteer listeners. The program is completely free and confidential, and all active listeners who offer assistance have completed a 7 Cups-developed online course in sophisticated, compassionate communication.

Mind Engage

Mind Engage thinks that everyone has the ability to heal. As a result, they devote their efforts to improving the lives of their clients. The company commit to providing the best possible support and assisting our customers with a variety of mental health services and affordable online therapy.

Online counseling is a process of work for us, and we think that progress is possible in all parts of life. We recognize our clients' individual requirements, accept the problems they confront, and remain devoted to their well-being as long as they fight to make changes in their lives.

Final Wordings

You can obtain free internet therapy from anywhere in the globe if you're dealing with a mental health issue and need emotional support or counselling. Many nonprofit organizations provide free online counseling service, which are led by individuals with a psychology degree, or are present in the form of discussion forums and peer support.