Why is FSQatar the best Retail POS solution for Restaurant businesses in Qatar?
Why is FSQatar the best Retail POS solution for Restaurant businesses in Qatar?
Finding the right billing or point of sale system can be very challenging work, especially if you are looking for the very first time. In this blog, I am going to cover what you should look for in a company if you are looking to buy point-of-sale software to manage your business in Qatar.
As I have personally lived over here for over a decade, you are going to get the best possible advice.

FSQatar Point of Sale system helps you serve the best to your customers. Our software will help you embrace agility and transform your business digitally to stay competitive in the dynamic market.

We provide the most reliable and best in business solutions that will aid your restaurant businesses perfectly.

We also offer customized features for your businesses ranging from small independent stores to local chains and large enterprises.

Why is our eZee Restaurant POS system ideal for you?

Now, I will show you how the eZee Restaurant Point of Purchase system serves best for your restaurant.

  1. Powerful Menu Management

  2. Intelligent Inventory and Stock Management

  3. Accurate Billing

  4. Secure User Privileges

  5. Swift Reporting and Analysis

  6. Roles and Privileges for Restaurant Chains

  7. Mobile Order Tracking Application

  8. Convenient Templating System


How do you get to know your requirements and if the software is convenient for you or not?

Take a Free Demo today!

Don’t believe me, go check for yourself. FSQatar provides a free demo for any new user who wants to improve their restaurant operating system in Qatar. You can fill out their free consultation form wherein you can connect with them and get the best possible solutions for your restaurant business by consultation with an expert.



Whom to contact if there is a problem encountered during the functioning of the software?

If you encounter a problem or have a question, our support team is available to help you via phone, email, or an on-site visit. Get assistance from a person who understands your problem; no automated or chatbot solutions.

You may require more intense assistance at times, or the on-call solutions may be insufficient. In such cases, our local technical support representative will personally visit your outlet and assist you with the problem. Our quick and skilled crew is present in over 8 cities of Qatar, ensuring that our clients receive the finest possible help.


Who helps in the setup of the POS system?

Retraining and Staff Training

Has your biller shifted? Is it time to retrain employees? Do you want your employees to learn a new feature?

Such concerns are never necessary when working with FSQatar. Our team is always available to coach you or your staff on how to use your eZee PoS to its full potential!


What are the different price modules available for the user?

As all restaurants are different and unique in their own way, their requirements will be unique in their own way too. FSQatar provides customized Point Of Sale solutions for any kind of restaurant as per the requirements. You can book your free consultation and ask for a customized quotation which will be provided after knowing your requirements and listing out the best options available for your business.



Let's hear what a successful business owner and a loyal customer has to say about the services provided by FSQatar:

This is what Khaled Qambar, the Deputy CEO of Koshari Station has to say about our POS services. “Managing a restaurant business is a difficult task. Keeping track of activities in each outlet is also a nightmare. However, First Source Technology has made our lives a lot easier. They not only keep track of all queries, but they also provide immediate resolution. The most striking aspect is their support, professionalism, and acceptance of responsibility in every situation. Their after-sales service is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend First Source Technology to my friends and family.” 



I hope this blog was helpful to you to identify pos software in Qatar. We at FSQatar provide a complete POS solution and system for restaurants, pizza shops, fast food chains, bakeries and other retail businesses in Doha and other cities in. Get an obligation-free consultation if you are looking for Point Of Sale software.