The State of Video Conferencing in 2022 | SourceIT Singapore
The State of Video Conferencing in 2022 | SourceIT Singapore
Video conferencing statistic in 2021 show how web conferencing software is the most important remote work communication tool.

The State of Video Conferencing in 2022 | SourceIT Singapore

One of the most prolific catalysts for enabling remote work and the future of work during the past few years became Zoom Video Communications. It evolved into a household name. A term even got coined for those who grow tired from being on Zoom meetings all day – Zoom fatigue. 

While some of the connotations for video conferencing platforms are negative, what these systems enable – that’s mostly positive. And most, if not all, might agree on this. During a time when sitting across from loved ones and coworkers was no longer a safe option – video conferencing became our best and safest bet. 

Years after the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic – video conferencing technology will not go away. The need for features like file/screen sharing, real-time file editing, etc., caused – video conferencing giants like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Skype for Business to have some of the best user metrics they have experienced in years, in fact. 

Video Conferencing: Benefits + Remote Workforce

With millions now working remotely – we have placed heavier reliance on video conferencing tools. And that is reflected in data, which suggest that since 2005, those working remotely have increased by 140%

What could this result in? For starters, having the ability to work from home via telecommuting works to increase employee satisfaction. While some employers remain wary about how remote work might impact things like productivity, communication, and teamwork – the reality is – most enjoy the freedom and flexibility of remote work. 

Slack data found that a stunning 57% of global knowledge workers said they are open to looking for a new job in the next year, meaning companies run the risk of losing top talent to competitors. Even if these jobs pay less, some employees may very well take the pay cut in exchange for greater flexibility.

Video conferencing has largely fueled what some considered a trend of remote working and emerged as the perfect communication tool for scattered teams. Today video conferencing provides essential video collaboration features like task assignment, project status reporting, third-party apps and integrations, workflow management tools, and not merely ‘standard’ video calling functionalities.