How to Disburse Shopee Paylater Limit to a Bank Account or e-Wallet
How to Disburse Shopee Paylater Limit to a Bank Account or e-Wallet
Payment methods using Shopee PayLater are widely chosen. Because the process is fast, easy and there are many bonuses. So when you want to buy some items through the Shopee app, it’s very easy.

The most trusted Shopee user account can be selected to get the Shopee Paylater feature. After receiving the feature, you can of course use it as a payment method on Shopee.

Shopee Paylater can be used to shop at Shopee stores, buy credit, pay bills and others. Shopee users certainly should not be complacent with this feature because you will pay the installments within the selected time period.

Using Shopee Paylater continuously without thinking about it first, the impact will be felt when the installments are due. There is only a test when it comes to paying bills, whether there is not enough money, delayed paydays or even being hit by a disaster.

Therefore, Shopee Paylater users should be wise in using it. If you are urgent and really need to buy goods, maybe you can use Shopee Paylater temporarily.

There are also those who really need cash to meet their household needs such as basic necessities, school supplies and so on. You can cash out Shopee Paylater as needed.

So how to cash out Shopee Paylater into cash? We will provide a possible way that can be done as follows.

How to Find Shopee Paylater to a Bank Account or e-Wallet

On this occasion we will provide some tutorials that you can use. Make sure to do it as safely as possible so as not to mistake each other. Here's how to cash out Shopee Paylater into cash.

1. How to Cashout Shopee Paylater with GesTun or Swipe Cash

Please open the Shopee application

On the home page, you type Fill in Balance

There are various kinds of shops that provide top up services. You choose a trusted one. See reviews and stars. In addition, you can see how many people have ordered. The more the better

The most important thing is to check whether the store can use the Shopee Paylater payment method because you will cash out the feature

After that ask the store admin first

Ask the terms and conditions and check if the admin fee matches or not what you expect

Then you understand the terms & conditions provided, immediately choose the product.

Select the desired amount. We recommend trying the lowest nominal first to ensure security and ease of transactions

After placing an order, you have to chat with the store admin. Notify your request to top up to a digital wallet application such as DANA, GoPay, OVO, or LinkAja. If you want to transfer to a bank account there may be an additional fee. We recommend using an admin-free digital wallet

Wait a few moments until the admin performs the top up process.

You have successfully received the top up balance. Just complete the order received.

2. How to Disburse Shopee Paylater Through Shopee Store

Look for shops owned by family, relatives or friends who can already use Shopee Paylater as a payment method. Make sure the location is different between the shop owner and shopee Paylater shoppers or users

Besides that, don't use the same cellphone, so both the shop and the buyer must be different

If you have found the store, please confirm with the shop owner so you can cash out Shopee Paylater. Make sure the shop owner is willing to help and you can provide admin fees for top up later

Order the product according to your wishes, make sure you can also consider the price. In this case, we recommend not disbursing too much Shopee Paylater if it is not needed urgently so that it is not heavy when paying bills

Order the product using the Shopee Paylater payment method. Use a free shipping voucher to send your order as a formal condition for ordering a product

Wait for the order to be processed, make sure the store admin is not in a hurry to receive the order so as not to experience errors later. Wait a few hours until the product order actually looks original

After the order process is successful until you receive a physical order sent by the admin, then it's time for the store admin to top up your e-Wallet or digital wallet or bank account.

Admin is expected to top up to a digital wallet or bank account whose name matches the Shopee Paylater user in order to avoid fraud or the use of funds under the coercion of others

That's a tutorial on how to cash out Shopee Paylater to a digital wallet or bank account easily. If you receive a top up to a digital wallet, you can, after that it can be transferred to a bank account and you can withdraw cash at an ATM.

If you don't have an account, you can make cash withdrawals through a digital wallet. For example, DANA provides a cash withdrawal feature to a BCA ATM machine or to the nearest agent.

Use Shopee Paylater properly as needed and don't use this balance for things that are less useful. Don't forget to pay the installments according to the time period.

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