Best Game Boy Emulators for iPhone and iPad
Best Game Boy Emulators for iPhone and iPad
While contemporary iPhone games with captivating stories and stunning graphics get the most attention Retro games tend to disappear into the abyss. In the end, these retro games are closed due to the absence of support for developers.

What is a Game Boy Emulator and How Does It Work

The Game Boy emulator is a software program that is designed to allow gamers to play games from the past on unsupported platforms. Emulators help allow classic games to players by keeping outdated technology.

In the late 80s, when it was first introduced, Nintendo Game Boy, an ultra-compact handheld console, quickly became a phenomenon across the world. The company sold the entire first batch of the console in only two days in Japan. It wasn’t just that. The company sold approximately 4000 Game Boy units on the first day of its launch in America. These figures speak volumes about how well the 8-bit gaming console was loved by the public.

Game Boy emulation works by replicating hardware that is proprietary. In turn, when you have access to the game’s code, you’ll be able to play games on every device, without altering the hardware