Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): A Guide
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): A Guide
The ANPR system is used to detect and capture any number plate precisely using footage or video from cameras.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): A Guide

The advancement of technology toward smart cars, smart cities and intelligent transportation systems continue to change every aspect of our daily lives. This is why technologies like the automatic recognition of number plates (ANPR) are now integral to our daily activities. In addition, the concept of ANPR promises to help with a variety of applications without the need for human intervention.

What Is ANPR?

Automatic recognition of number plates is a practice in computer vision that lets devices read license plates on vehicles swiftly and efficiently with no human input.


Thus, the ANPR system is used to detect and capture any number plate precisely using footage or video from cameras.

How Does ANPR Do Its Work?

ANPR is among the most precise applications made by computers with vision. Systems that automatise number plate recognition utilise optical character recognition (OCR) to read registration plates on vehicles. Cameras can capture high-speed images of number plates. Software to process images can be used to identify characters, confirm the sequence of the characters, and translate the image of the number plate to text.


Common ANPR systems comprise the digital image capture unit (camera) and processor, and various algorithms to perform the analysis of videos. Furthermore, to this, an infrared light allows these systems to take the registration plates of vehicles at night, which makes it possible to run ANPR throughout the day.


  1. First, the ANPR camera takes pictures with the registration number (video streams or photos).

  2. The plate is identified using computer vision and machine learning techniques (Object Detection)

  3. Then, OCR software is applied to the plate to provide your license number as text. The transformed number is generally kept in an electronic database to facilitate connection with different IT systems.

Advantages Associated With Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR has many advantages that form the foundation for real-world applications. The majority of the advantages of ANPR include the ability to automate manual processes extremely efficacious space management, strong governance and improving customer service.


  • Automation: The automatic identification of the number plate permits automated alerts and control for facilities. Therefore, ANPR is a key technology that can be used to create smart cities.


  • Analytics: The information generated can be utilised for traffic flow analysis. This is especially important when operating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which are where the use of data processing technology is to increase the mobility of individuals and goods and manage demand and safety. They also help reduce traffic congestion, and control incidents efficiently.


  • Identification: The speedy recognition of a car's identification number is the foundation for the seamless and speedy identification of vehicles. Identification can be used to allow access to vehicles or locate particular vehicles.


  • Efficiency: The accurate and rapid recognition of number plates does not rely on input from humans. Therefore, it provides cost-effective management and decreases wait time.


  • It is convenient: ANPR is usually integrated with other IT systems and functions as an environment that offers an effortless and seamless experience for the users. Therefore, the technology can be used to improve the user experience and to provide new products and services like automated parking payments.


Most Popular Use Cases, ANPR

Automatic recognition of number plates is vital for a broad array of applications in which the identification, detection or location of vehicles is essential. Find out more in our article about different applications of computers with a vision for smart urban applications.


Law enforcement. Police forces employ ANPR to assist in law enforcement and also to check if vehicles are registered or to identify vehicles involved in traffic-related violations. The capability to recognise and detect numbers plates in real time permits authorities to identify vehicles and trace their locations.


Management of car parking. Parking management for cars requires a comprehensive solution to identify specific vehicles. Thus, the automated recognition of number plates is essential to effectively manage parking spaces. ANPR permits parking garages to automatise parking management as each vehicle is tracked by its license plate. Parking garage customers are able to avoid the hassle of keeping track of their tickets and the amount of time they use, while also avoiding penalties for incorrect ticket payments or having their tickets revoked. Additionally, this automated surveillance is able to be reported back in the event of disagreement. These parking systems track the location of each vehicle that is in the facility and provide total control.

The analysis of Journey Time. JTA is a method of analysing the journey times (JTA) and is an essential tool for the authorities to track vehicles that are passing through and their duration between one point to the next. Additionally, this analytics aid in better routing planning for traffic officials.


Traffic management. The term "traffic management" is used to describe the general concept that describes the numerous benefits that ANPR provides. It can be used in cities to spot overspent vehicles or vehicles driving recklessly or any incidental occurrence. ANPR can be used to measure and analyse the traffic data of areas of a specific area or even a whole city. In a larger sense, the traffic management system provides insight into congestion in traffic to better plan traffic.


Retail park security. Retail parks are often faced with parking that is not authorised, causing difficulties in finding parking spaces or even shady actions. Security risks like this are addressed by ANPR technology to ensure that only authorised vehicles are parking in the parking spaces.


Tollbooth records. Manual management of tollbooths on highways is still an important practice in certain parts of the planet. For instance, on bigger freeways, ANPR permits authorities to get license plate numbers to assist in paying tolls through mail or electronically, instead of going to an automated tollbooth. Therefore, the ANPR system enables efficient toll booth management, reducing the time required for operation and thereby increasing efficiency.


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