AI TechPark Interview with Kevin Gillick, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform
AI TechPark Interview with Kevin Gillick, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform
Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform talks about the significance of Cybersecurity and Device Trust Architecture while meeting regulatory requirements

1. What are some of the unique lessons you have learned from analysing your member’s behaviour?

GlobalPlatform’s membership comprises a diverse range of component and device makers, digital service providers, cloud platform providers, and more, from across industries. While specific needs vary, we are seeing that as the IoT expands, these stakeholders need solutions that enable innovation, accelerate secure product development and reduce cost and time to market. They need to maximize the appeal and relevance of their products, while ensuring data privacy and data integrity are maintained regardless of the use case.

2. Tell us how you came to be the Executive Director at GlobalPlatform.

I was employed by a technology company that was a member of GlobalPlatform. As an active and engaged member, I participated in and ultimately chaired a group referred to as the Marketing Centre. As the organization grew, the Board of Directors determined that there was a need to hire a full time Executive Director to lead the organization and I applied for the position. I am very pleased to have served the membership as Executive Director since 2006. 

3. How much of your typical day is involved in managing / supporting initiatives that enable innovative technologies for GlobalPlatform members?

Though my day-to-day role does not involve inputting to the technical specifications and initiatives of GlobalPlatform, the support of these initiatives is vital to the organization’s success. One key aspect of my role is promoting collaboration and input from members. Effective industry collaboration is vital for the development of standards that enable trusted digital services across the various markets that GlobalPlatform and its member’s support.

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