5 Tools to Boost Android Mobile App Development
5 Tools to Boost Android Mobile App Development
The Android operating system is a global leader with nearly 3,000,000 mobile apps available on Google Play. Large and small businesses are trying to build a strong mobile presence. But not everybody has the resources or skills to create an application using native tool factors.

An Android app is much more time-consuming and costly than an iOS one. But what if I said that this isn’t true at all? Developers have a wide range of tools that they can use to create feature-packed, functional, and visually appealing mobile apps.


Software development tools make it easy to create an app. Here are a few of the most widely used Android app development tools used today by developers.

Android Application Development: 5 Tools to Boost Performance


DevKnox is the most well-known and effective tool to create reliable Android apps. App developers often don't realize the security flaws in their apps. It can be challenging to delve into all aspects of security and catch them all.

This excellent tool can detect security flaws and includes simple-to-use functions such as the IDE's spelling checker. It provides real-time testing and vulnerability tracking.

Android SDK

SDK (Software Development Kit) for Android includes both API libraries and developer tools for creating, testing, debugging, and maintaining Android applications. It is the most commonly used SDK for Android.


To quickly develop Android apps, new Android developers can download ADT Bundle. This bundle includes essential Android SDK components as well as a version of Eclipse IDE. It comes with in-built Android Developer Tools-ADT, to simplify the process of Android mobile app development.


Xamarin is a popular tool for Android mobile app development. It uses data access & business logic layers on all platforms. It's used to create iOS & Android apps.


It is a monoframe that allows for communication with the API of your smartphone. You can also find cross-platform libraries in the Xamarin Component Store. It also contains third-party libraries. It is less likely to cause bugs and has a faster time to market. It allows deep linking and application indexing. Platform-specifics allow consumption functionality to be available only on certain platforms.


Square has created LeakCanary, an open-source tool that detects memory leaks. It will notify you when there is a memory leak problem in the app. There will also be a stack trace to let you analyze the problem. LeakCanary was designed to make it as simple as possible to use.


It is not possible to add a few lines to the application's.gradle file or one line of code to the application class. This will allow you to trace memory leaks within projects.

Hypernext Android Creator

HyperNext Android Creator (HAC), a simple-to-use software development system, allows anyone to create their Android apps. HAC offers excellent support for mobile apps on a variety of devices.


HAC operations use HyperCard, which treats software like a stack of cards. It is therefore well-suited for mobile phones that allow one-window operation. HAC uses HyperNext programming language, which is more like English. It is easy to learn & understand. Hire top Android Application Development Company like MobileCoderz & Others to effectively use these android app development tools. 

Final Words


These Android app development tools can be used to develop basic to more advanced apps. These tools have many advanced features that make it easy and quick to develop apps. After filtering from more than 15 sources, we have come up with the top 5 tools for Android app development. For best and effective Android app development services, it is advisable to hire a top-notch Mobile App Development company. A good quality firm with experienced professionals can help you massively in developing your dream mobile app.