What is UX/UI Design?
What is UX/UI Design?
UX/UI stands for User Experience Design — the practice of integrating user research, business goals, design, and technology to create interfaces that are easy to use and help achieve user goals.

In this post we'll explore both the meanings of UX and UI design, as well as how they relate to one another. We'll also share more than 50 fantastic resources to learn more about UX design. If you're interested in the fields of user experience and interface design, then read on.

The term "user experience" (UX) is most often used to describe how a person feels about interacting with a product or service online, such as online chat rooms or websites. This can be as simple as just liking something like Twitter, or it can also mean becoming an expert at making sure that new users are able to get the most out of an app.

The term "user interface" (UI) refers to the design of a website, app or software program that allows users to interact with it. This includes everything that people see and touch when they engage in online activities.

Creating a positive user experience is one of the most important goals for communication professionals and designers, because it directly impacts how many people will continue to use their products.

Is UX/UI design a good career?

Yes! UX/UI design is a great career. Its professions are in high demand across the globe and will continue to become more important. With the rise of social media, e-commerce, mobile apps, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies, there is an endless need for people who can make interfaces for these platforms intuitive and appealing. The demand for UX/UI designers will only continue to increase as those technologies become more widely adopted.

UX/UI designers are expected to make interfaces intuitive and appealing.


UX/UI design is also seen as a continual learning career that requires regular skill development to stay relevant. The skills you learn while in school can be continuously applied in your career. There are always new things coming out that need to be designed, so the more experience you have, the better you'll be at it.