Top 10 Most Comfortable Cars You Should Be Aware Of
Top 10 Most Comfortable Cars You Should Be Aware Of
In this article, we have gathered the top 10 most comfortable cars you should be aware of.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Cars You Should Be Aware Of

Reliability, safety, and comfort are considered to be some of the essential factors that car owners pay attention to. Indeed, if the car is inconvenient to drive, it can be quite challenging to travel and even go to work or home.

If you want to buy or
lease a car, it should please you with comfort, relax, create a cozy atmosphere, and facilitate small children’s transportation. In this article, we have gathered the top 10 most comfortable cars you should be aware of.

1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

In first place in the rating is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This business-class model doesn’t seek to outplay its rivals in the person of the BMW 5 Series or Jaguar XF in handling, but if it lags in this regard, then quite a bit.

In the meantime, the E-Class has an actual trump card - a smooth ride that makes long road trips a pleasure, which is also facilitated by a stylish, solid, and high-tech interior. The advantage of the E-Class in terms of the ratio of power and economy is also noted. The 2-liter diesel engines for the quiet operation at high speeds and the more powerful 3-liter diesel engine, which contributes to even more smooth reactions of the car are the most valuable.

2. Citroen C3

The second position belongs to the subcompact French hatchback. But experts point out several undeniable advantages of this car in the sphere of comfort. In particular, it is noted that the developers of competing models, as a rule, sacrifice a bit of comfort for the sake of sportiness in the hope of attracting young buyers. On the other hand, the Citroen C3 offers a softer and more complimentary ride, as well as a style that cannot be called aggressive or racing.

At the same time, the 2017 C3 is perfectly adapted for daily use, has a solid interior and a spacious cargo space, and the branded Airbump protective linings make a unique contribution to the practicality. Additionally, the C3 is distinguished by good handling. Both gasoline and diesel engines are efficient. In a class where the audience chooses what is lower and harsher, the C3 is a great alternative.

3. Jaguar XF

"Bronze" rating is awarded to the British Jaguar XF. This model looks respectable and has a high-quality and luxurious interior. The car is also praised for its wide range of gasoline and diesel engines and the optimal combination of gambling handling and smooth running.

At the same time, the XF will give the competition a head start in high-speed handling, offering high comfort for four passengers. The flexible and ergonomic suspension turns it into a road cruiser. Any powertrains provide the XF with decent dynamics, especially if you choose one of the top-end diesel versions. The 2.0-liter 180-horsepower turbo diesel is also highly praised, which offers smooth and confident acceleration with a consumption of only 4.9 l/100 km on the combined cycle.

4. Skoda Superb

The fourth-place of the Skoda Superb liftback looks completely logical. This model is a long-time favorite since there is no area in which the car disappoints its owners. The Superb is praised for offering as much interior space as the cars in the two classes above and offering ergonomics and ride quality similar to a luxury car.

Additionally, this model has a vast range of engines. At the same time, experts especially highlight the 2-liter 150-horsepower
turbo diesel, which is praised for its high torque and high efficiency. It is noted that the older Superb modifications may already have elements of luxury, while regardless of the specification, Superb always deserves its name.

5. Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 business sedan received fifth place in the rating for its striking design, harmoniously combined with cutting-edge innovation. The Swedes originally designed the S90 as a harmonious, non-aggressive cruiser with a calm appearance, aimed at keeping the power and entertaining the driver and passengers. The spacious and minimalist interior is best ordered with leather trim, experts say.

Meanwhile, in terms of comfort, people focus primarily on diesel, gasoline, and hybrid power plants. These units are inferior to German competitors in terms of recoil and responsiveness. Still, they have good throttle response in the middle rev range, contribute to a smooth ride, and are pretty economical. Praise also goes to the adaptive suspension, proprietary safety systems, and Sensus smart multimedia.

6. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The sixth-place of the S-Class relative to the "gold" of the younger E-Class should not be surprising since the ranking also takes into account such a parameter as value for money. The flagship S-Class is perhaps the best executive sedan in the premium sector in the world. According to experts, this model was designed with an eye on VIP passengers rather than the needs of the driver.


The S-Class is also praised for the latest autonomous driving technologies, extremely comfortable seats with ample transformation possibilities, high-tech Magic Body Control suspension, and the 2.9-liter turbo diesel S350d version is called the optimal power plant in terms of comfort, also noting the 530-horsepower long-wheelbase option. 

7. BMW 5 series

The seventh-place was awarded to the BMW 5 Series for an excellent combination of comfort and driving performance. If you want the car to delight you with comfort on the highways and in the city, but you can “ignite” somewhere on the mountain serpentine, few offer a better balance than the BMW 5 Series.

At the same time, experts advise avoiding wheels with low-profile tires, and then you will be delighted with the combination of drive and comfort. The German business sedan is also being praised for its spacious and comfortable interior, packed with advanced electronics and optional all-wheel drive, making the 5 Series a genuine alternative to many crossovers.

8. Range rover

In eighth place is the British flagship SUV Range Rover. Range Rover's suspension, which expertly smooths out all kinds of road imperfections while still providing excellent directional stability and superb ride comfort on long highway cruises. Experts are confident that the key to success is solid dimensions and a bulky chassis, which didn’t have to be short-travel and thus compromise on smoothness.

At the same time, the successes of aerodynamic specialists are noted, who in the latest versions of the model managed to provide the car with streamlined body shapes, thus increasing noise insulation and increasing efficiency. Of the advantages, there is also good soundproofing of the cabin, and you shouldn’t take top-end power options, such as the 565-horsepower gasoline crossover of the Autobiography configuration, since they are noisy.

9. Infiniti Q30

The ninth place of the Infiniti Q30 is due to both the work of the designers of the premium division of Nissan and the close relationship of the model with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. While its associate model Mercedes-Benz is focused on sporty driving, Infiniti is betting on comfort, offering a refreshingly relaxing alternative to rivals such as the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3.

Performance and handling are not the Q30's trump cards. The Japanese model takes on a "plush" and calm interior, delicate suspension, and active noise cancellation option. At the same time, there is such a drawback as a smaller interior volume than the canonical VW Golf.

10. Rolls-Royce Ghost

Finally, the Rolls-Royce Ghost rounds out the top ten full-size luxury sedans. The car could not fail to get into the rating, but at the same time, it is clear that you could buy several cars from the list for the price of one Ghost.

At the same time, while the Ghost is based on the components used by the BMW 7 Series, it has its own unique atmosphere of comfort, the interior is finished with wool, soft fine leather, and wood, and the level of finish quality is perfect. No premium model comes close to the luxury car in terms of ride comfort, sound insulation, and ride smoothness. According to the experts, Ghost eradicates the hustle and bustle of modern roads without interrupting your VIP backseat experience.