Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Buy New Fire Alarm Parts
Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Buy New Fire Alarm Parts
How do you know that it’s time to get your fire alarm system checked for faults and maybe buy fire alarm parts for replacement? Read below to know the signs. 

Commercial fire alarm systems need regular maintenance and monitoring so they remain operational for a long time. Nevertheless, there is an expiration date for everything. Your fire alarm system is no different. You might not need to replace the entire system, but there comes a time when you might need to replace the parts or get them upgraded to a better version. That’s where your extent of monitoring the system comes in handy. Fire alarm systems have a way of indicating when it’s time for repair or replacement. In this write-up, I will tell you how to read the signs.

When is it Time to Buy New Fire Alarm Parts?

When the following happens, know that you will have to look for fire alarm parts for sale very soon. 

If the Building is Getting Old

If the building is getting old and it has been years since a proper fire audit has taken place, that’s like a blaring alarm. Older commercial buildings have the highest fire risks and hence need regular audits. During the fire safety audit, look for the following signs to get the parts replaced or upgraded:

  • Building materials that might aggravate the fire due to the release of toxins. Its common in older buildings. 
  • Presence of old devices that have been recalled.
  • Lack of proper fire safety in high-value locations like cash boxes, data storage areas, etc. 
  • Outdated wiring.
  • Faulty smoke detectors across the building.


These are the signs that you need a thorough audit and maintenance followed by a complete refurbishment of the system in old buildings. 

Outdated Loudspeakers

Along with fire alarms, commercial properties have loudspeakers to alert people when there is a fire. Get your existing loudspeaker checked for viability. If it’s too old, get it replaced by a newer version as per the latest norms set by the authorities. An outdated loudspeaker not only increases the risk of a fire accident, but also calls for legal complications for the building owners. 

System Errors During Maintenance and Drills

Regular maintenance and fire evacuation drills are mandatory in commercial buildings. That way, in case there is a fire accident the situation can be contained effectively through seamless evacuation. If there are any glitches during routine maintenance or evacuation drills, and things don’t go as planned, that is a strong sign. You should get the system checked immediately for any faults or failures so any future accidents can be averted. If there is indeed a fault in the system, then you might need to buy fire alarm parts


These are more like the cardinal rules that every commercial property owner should keep in mind in terms of fire safety. If you need quality fire alarm parts then check out the inventory of Fire Alarm Depot, the leading online store that offers express delivery in GTA against minimal charges.

Author Bio: Peter Roman is a fire alarm systems expert. Here he explains the signs that tell you it’s time to look for fire alarm parts for sale to replace the old parts.