An Introduction of Driver IC TMC2130
An Introduction of Driver IC TMC2130
The TMC2130 is a high-performance two-phase stepper motor driver IC. SPI and STEP/DIR standards make communication easier. TRINAMIC's advanced stealth chip chopper assures quiet operation while providing optimum efficiency and motor output.

The TMC2130 is a two-phase stepper motor driver IC with good performance. The SPI and STEP/DIR standards facilitate communication. The revolutionary stealth chip chopper from TRINAMIC ensures silent operation while maximizing efficiency and motor output. You may save up to 75% on your energy cost by taking a cool step. Heavy loads are accelerated as rapidly as possible while step loss is minimized using dcStep.

Integrated power MOSFETs can handle motor currents of up to 1.2A RMS (QFN package) / 1.4A RMS (TQFP) or 2.5A short time peak current per coil. Protection and diagnostic functions help in the stable and dependable operation.

Downsized designs with low exterior component counts are possible using the industry's most advanced stepper motor driver, resulting in cost-effectiveness and competitiveness solutions.