10 Tips To Improve Website User Experience
10 Tips To Improve Website User Experience
User experience is integral for any website or app to stay strong in the online world. User experience or UX is basically the method of ensuring user satisfaction by improving the accessibility, usability, and efficiency of interaction within the website.

Coming up with a good UX design at the start will prove to be cost-effective in the long run of your website, as good UX designs need very fewer changes after the launch. Optimized UX designs will also make your website more simple to navigate, which will improve conversions, user referrals, traffic, and ultimately SEO rankings.

Let us have a look at some aspects that can improve the user-friendliness of your website or app.

Website Speed

Faster websites provide a better user experience. Studies suggest that if the website loading time is greater than 4-5 seconds, the bounce rates bounce up to 50 percent - which means about half of the potential customers. Most of the users are online for a purpose and they need their results fast. Thus, optimizing the loading time is very important.

Avoid Stock Images

Most online businesses use stock images on their website due to the misconception that they attract users. But generic images like these fail to build a relation between the visitors and the website. Using original images of your business can help in better user interaction, personalization, trust and improve conversion rates by about 45 percent.

Never Avoid Conventions

Innovative and fresh UX design trends can surely help you to come up with efficient website design. But this should not completely erase the conventions of UX design like the logo on the top left, address at the bottom of the page, navigation menu on the top, etc. these conventions deliver a sense of familiarity to the users, which will contribute to their website experience.

Make Links Easily Visible

Hyperlinks are one of the most effective tools to trigger an action from the user. But these links should be easily identifiable. For this, the best way is to stay conventional. Display the hyperlinks with blue color and an underline and make sure that they have more than two words.

Use White Spaces Effectively

White spaces or empty spaces enhance the clarity, attractiveness, and projection of your website design. This improves the elegance of a website and makes the content more organized. White spaces are said to improve user attention by 20 percent. But make sure that the content and white spaces are perfectly balanced so that the website looks content-rich.

Display Content in Bullets

Online users are always looking for easy and organized information to gather. Rather than long paragraphs, break your website content into bullet points so that the core information is easy to be read. Bullet points often attract the audience, while long paragraphs deliver a negative feeling to them. Apart from this, use simple words and phrases to convey the idea without jargon or other words that kill the reading experience.

Use Catchy Headlines

Relevant and attractive headlines convey to the user what the content under is about. Such headlines urge the user to go through well-written website content, thereby improving the website experience. Headlines should be targeted to the audience and the message should be easily conveyed through them. You may also add keywords to your headlines so that your SEO ranking improves and your target audience can easily find you on their searches.

Responsive To All Screens

According to Google, 40 percent of the searches are done from smartphones. This means that almost half of your potential customers may be browsing from a mobile device. Thus, your website should be completely optimized for mobile devices also. Your website design should be compatible with all kinds of screen sizes. A mobile-first design approach is used by most UX designers nowadays.

Deliver a Secure Feel

Sixty percent of users bounce back from online purchases if they do not feel that the website is secure. With online frauds and scams rising in number, most users try to ensure the security of a website before moving forward. Even if your website ensures security, you should be able to convey it to the users. For this, you may add lock symbols or security ensuring messages near signum forms or other areas where the users are said to provide their information. This will improve the trust of the users and also the conversions on your website.

Review and Update Your Design

Even though you have an effective UX design, you should regularly check the audience interaction and behavior in your website, so that you can identify the drawbacks of your design, if any. You may connect with a website designing company in Dubai to keep your UX design updated with time. This will help you to eliminate outdated features and also come up with innovative ideas that can improve the consistency of your website.

User experience is what determines the user engagement in a website and adds up to its online growth. By executing the discussed strategies, make sure that you develop an efficient website for your business.