why need physical activities
why need physical activities
the need for physical activities

Why need Physical Activities

Consistent physically active is one of the most important actions that people of all ages can take to improve their health. About $117 billion in annual health care costs and about 10 percent of premature mortality are associated with inadequate physical activity (not meeting the gym equipment ). 

Strong evidence from adults demonstrates that perceived quality of life is improved by regular physical activity.

Physical activity improves physical function among individuals of all ages, enabling them to conduct their daily lives with energy and without undue fatigue. This is true for older adults, for whom improved physical function reduces risk of falls and fall-related injuries and contributes to their ability to maintain independence. It is also true for young and middle-aged adults, as improved physical function helps them more easily accomplish the tasks of daily living, such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries. 

In addition to improving physical function, physical activity may improve cognitive function among youth and adults. Aspects of cognitive function that may be improved include memory, attention, executive function (the ability to plan and organize; monitor, inhibit, or facilitate behaviors; initiate tasks; and control emotions), and academic performance among youth.

The functions of physical activities can also be achieved through Home Gym Equipment, this equipment comprises of various techniques to achieve a common goal while exercising with this piece of gym equipment. The better way to maintain consistent physical activities is to embed home gym to your comfort zone.