The need for Strength Training
The need for Strength Training
The need for Strength Training

The need for Strength Training

Many people find that having a tangible goal motivates them to move ahead on a project or activity. Goals are most valuable when they are specific, realistic, and essential to you. Consider both short and long-term objectives. Your success depends on setting realistic goals that matter to you.


Home training, or resistance strength training, can assist with slowing the aging process. Older adults should aim to complete strength training two to three days a week, of 8-10 exercises involving major muscle groups, with a day of rest between workouts. Let us check out the gym equipment for strength training

The need of Strength Training 

» Increased balance and decreased risk of falls or injury  

» Prevention of muscle loss associated with ageing  

» Improved sleep

» Improved mental health and reduced depression  

» Reduced risk and symptoms of some chronic diseases  

» Improved cognitive function  

» Potential to reduce risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

» Increased lean muscle mass  

» Preserved/increased bone density and joint health

How to begin with strength exercise

Pre-exercise screening identifies people with medical conditions that may put them at a higher risk of experiencing a health problem during strength resistance. It is a filter or safety net to help decide if the potential benefits of exercise outweigh the risks for you.  


Eight to ten exercises work the major muscle groups of the body two to three times per week.  

Several research points to the effectiveness of strength training and functional exercises, plus resistance exercises, in reducing falls in older adults. Along with the physical benefits such as enhanced stability, balance exercises may help improve mental functioning, including memory and spatial cognition. Strength training should get progressively more challenging by progressing from stable to fewer stable positions. Use less hand-rail support and add cognitive tasks (naming as many items in a category or performing subtractions).  

Today many people have re-strategies means to overcome ill-health by strength resistance. Strength training consists of different equipment for every adult to practice with; such equipment can be aerobic exercise. At the same time, strength training is mainly for older adults to stay connected with a good coach who will guide them on the possible equipment.

Most Benefit of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is any exercise that you engage in which helps your immune system and blood level. Today aerobic exercise can be an exercise that allows your body system to pump your blood and grow your muscle. You can exercise using home gym equipment, commercial gym equipment, or any form of strength training. Aerobic exercise can be in different strength training equipment for both old and young adults.  

  1. Reduce Chronic pain
  2. Aids Sleep
  3. Regulates weight
  4. Strengthen immune system
  5. Increased volume of blood pumped by the heart each minute
  6. Decreased resting heart rate » Strengthened ligaments, tendons and bones
  7. Decreased anxiety and stress » Improved overall mood
  8. Boosts mood
  9. Reduce rick of falls
  10. Muscle building
  11. Increased efficiency of respiration
  12. Improved blood volume, distribution and delivery to muscles
  13. Increased amount of blood pumped from the ventricle during each contraction of the heart

Old Adult Benefit of Exercise.  

Strength training lowers the risk of many chronic conditions such as dementia, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancers, to name a few. As well as this, physical activity also assists in managing the symptoms of any chronic conditions you may have. These diseases could be blood sugar control for diabetics or pain management for osteoarthritis sufferers.  


After every strength training carried out by any old adult, the immunes system adds more strength than the previous state. Many hospitals, even Word Health Organization (WHO), have called on all old and young to engage in strength training to help build their immune system. Strength training has dominated significant activities to the point that all hospitals, hotels, institutions, even government parastates have engaged in strength training.  

To stay strong and overcome ill-health, you need to practice often using either aerobic exercise or dedicate to home gym equipment. For old adults, I recommend aerobic exercise. With aerobic exercise, the aging adult can have the floor to choose the best strength training that will be of the best to them.

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