Power Tower - The Ultimate Multi-Function Fitness Equipment
Power Tower - The Ultimate Multi-Function Fitness Equipment
Here are some notes and thoughts on how to buy the right power tower for your exercise routine.

The Power Tower is a brand of pull up bar and pull down station that was made by Reebok. The Power Tower is the original equipment that was sold with the original Reebok pull up bars. It is the original model and was designed by Bill Grissel who was the founder of Reebok. This equipment was designed to be used in the weight rooms of high schools, colleges and public areas. With the help of this equipment you can do a variety of exercises that include dead lifts, squats, chin ups and dips.

As the name of the brand suggests this is the best pull up and chin up equipment that was made by Reebok. There are many different brands of pull up bars and chin up stations from the Power Tower. You have the Power Tower Reebok Dip Bar which is a great piece of exercise equipment to add to your home gym or workout room.

This equipment is just like the Power Tower station from Reebok but it is much bigger. It has a huge variety of exercise balls for you to work your arms and shoulders. This will give you a very intense workout because you have to use all of your muscle groups during your exercise. You can do deadlifts, squats, push-ups and even compound exercises such as pull ups and pull downs.

The Reebok Power Tower can be assembled in just a few minutes. The parts are all enclosed and easy to handle. The instructions are included in each box to make assembly simple. Once you have the Power Tower placed in your home gym or office you can then exercise the bicep and triceps sections of your body..

The Power Tower is not only for those that want to workout their biceps and triceps but this brand of exercise equipment also works for abs. The nice thing about the Power Tower brand is that all of the parts are encased so the exercising is more safe. The manufacturer recommends using a level when exercising to prevent accidents. The company makes sure that there is not too much strain on any joints while using these Push-Ups and other accessories.

This multi-function fitness equipment will keep you guessing as you work your abdominal muscles. The design of the unit keeps your back straight and also the weights evenly distributed over your chest and shoulders. These can be used for intensive workouts and they can also be used for performing complete pull ups and chin ups. They are made of heavy duty aluminum, which makes them strong enough to hold heavy weight. The adjustable weights make it easy to perform these exercises without getting frustrated.