Opencart and Opencart Module Development
Opencart and Opencart Module Development

Opencart is an online store management system built using PHP programming language and MySql database. It is a framework and system with many basic shopping store functionalities already integrated

What is Opencart?Opencart is an online store the board framework assembled utilizing PHP programming language and MySql information base. It is a structure and framework with numerous essential shopping store functionalities previously coordinated. Opencart Türkiye Opencart is broadly utilized gratitude to it's designer cordial climate, simple arrangement and colossal online modules store where a large number of the modules are totally allowed to introduce. Modules/Plugins are a coordinated assortment of documents/code that can be incorporated in the current framework to expand it's usefulness.


You can download, introduce and alternatively refactor Opencart modules and adjust them for your motivation. In any case, you can likewise build up your own modules without any preparation, and stretch out Opencart functionalities to suit your venture's necessities. In this article we will get you through the essential Opencart code structure and portray the way toward making a basic Opencart module. This ought to be sufficient for you as a designer to acquire a ground comprehension of Opencart and keep investigating more about building up your own web shops and applications.

OpenCart - OpenCart 3 - Ionic 4 Mobile App Builder with API ModuleOpencart Basic Code StructureFirst we should perceive how Opencart code is coordinated, so we have a decent comprehension of the climate before we dive into the nuts and bolts of module advancement.


To begin, kindly go to the Opencart E Ticaret official site and download the most recent variant. It ought to be extricated in the envelope available by your worker, either localhost xampp/Apache or far off.


Essential Opencart establishment contains a few organizer and documents, which I won't cover in detail however will give you a slight presentation. To chip away at the OC and expand it's usefulness, you should be comfortable with PHP programming when all is said in done. Obviously, on the off chance that you know about PHP, you realize that the section purpose of the application is index.php. From that document you can follow execution of the application. Center of Opencart structure is a framework envelope which contains many center classes with local OC functionalities that you will likewise use during improvement and customization.

How Modules are organized?Modules are just a gathering of sensibly associated PHP documents which are coordinated in OC to give some particular usefulness. They likewise follow MVC design and contain a regulator (rationale part), discretionary model (as a rule for DB questions), see (format) and language document.


In the current form 2.3, regulator of the module dwells in the regulator/expansion/module/envelope. This equivalent way is continued in the model, language and view indexes also, so make certain to put those records in the ideal spot. This guideline is the equivalent for the administrator and inventory part.

Useful tip: How to log stuff while developing?One thing that was helpful to me while beginning to create with OC is that you can log information into the error.log which dwelled in framework/stockpiling/logs/envelope. Close to utilizing PHP debugger such is XDebug, this simple method of logging information or factors from your code was helpful to me before.


To log information some place in your code, accepting that you are in the class which expands fundamental Opencart Controller which contains compose() strategy, you should call that technique with:


$this->log->write($variable);/$variable or simply some "message"


Variable $variable will be written in the framework/stockpiling/logs/error.log as per the execution of the part of the code where it dwells.


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