My Friend Workout Routine
My Friend Workout Routine
how my friend and I workout from Japan

My Friend Workout Routine

My Workout today was awesome. I got in contact with my old friend from school, he traveled to Australia for more than 6 years. I met him in Japan where he come around the same restaurant I was in. He was looking awesome and unique. We chatted for a long time when I asked him to know my place. We got home and moved to the home gym for a brief workout and discussion. While I was taking some water, my friend has started exercising with the cardio machine, I never knew my old friend work-out consistently back in Australia.

From my discussion with him, He owns a home gym equipment back in Australia because of his work and pandemic, almost all home owns a fitness center, said by him.

He said one of the ways to stay healthy in Australia is to exercise often, from every park within the street there is a piece of outdoor equipment. It helps the human immune system to overcome some diseases be it Covid-19 or any other contaminated diseases. 

Exercising with home gym equipment is far different from commercial or outdoor gym centers. Home gym equipment is unique and they are of standard in helping your strength, your muscle, your consistency, and  it gives you room to relax with family, have fun while workout.

To equip your home with gym equipment, you need to approach a manufacturer and supplier of gyms.