How you can lift a weighted equipment
How you can lift a weighted equipment
Add more squat rack strength when exercising with gym equipment

How you can lift a weighted equipment with Squat Rack

For you to exercise with this piece of gym equipment, you need to follow the simple down rules in this article. please always stay focused when lifting and exercising with this piece of gym equipment. 

One of the best ways to stay strong and lift a piece of weighted equipment from Squat Rack gym equipment includes: 

1. The lifter shall face the front of the platform. The bar shall be held horizontally across the shoulders, hands, and fingers gripping the bar. The hands may be positioned anywhere on the bar inside and or in contact with the inner collars. 


2. After removing the bar from the racks, (the lifter may be aided in the removal of the bar from the racks by the spotter/loaders) the lifter must move backward to establish the starting position. When the lifter is motionless, erect (slight deviation is allowable) with knees locked the Chief Referee will give the signal to begin the lift. The signal shall consist of a downward movement of the arm and the audible command “Squat”. Before receiving the signal to “squat” the lifter may make any position adjustments within the rules, without penalty. For reasons of safety, the lifter will be requested to “Replace” the bar, together with a backward movement of the arm, if after a period of five seconds he is not in the correct position to begin the lift. The Chief Referee will then convey the reason why the signal was not given. 

3. Upon receiving the Chief Referee’s signal the lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees. Only one decent attempt is allowed. The attempt is deemed to have commenced when the lifter's knees have unlocked. 

4. The lifter must recover at will to an upright position with the knees locked. Double bouncing at the bottom of the squat attempt or any downward movement is not permitted. When the lifter is motionless (in the apparent final position) the Chief Referee will give the signal to rack the bar.