How to set up outdoor fitness equipment
How to set up outdoor fitness equipment
how you can setup your outdoor gym equipment

How to setup fitness equipment

How you start your outdoor fitness equipment routine when you decide to begin your workout exercising.

Aligning outdoor gym equipment selection to cover all four types of exercise which include: 





This exercise is critical for ensuring a total body workout and complete fitness routine. Equally important are a variety of design guidelines. To help support the planning process the following design guidelines should be used to ensure the various design best practices have been addressed to meet the needs of the intended users and site.

 • Engage the community during the planning process in order to meets the needs of individuals and groups of young people, adults, older people and those with disabilities; 

• Identify the target demographic or demographics e.g. beginner, intermediate or advanced exercisers; 

• Consider the site location and context to ensure equipment is visible, accessible and appropriate to its setting; 

• Implement universal design to accommodate both mobility devices and multiple users. This will help to promote comfort, usability and inclusion for people of all abilities; 

• Choose a variety of equipment, which accommodates all types of exercise and a range of physical activity; 

• Space equipment in a logical sequence, which enables users to plan and time their movement through the fitness station, in accordance with their individual workout routine, training programme and methodologies; 

• Identify the anticipated demand and patronage of the equipment types. Where possible, provide more than one item that is anticipated to be popular with users; 

• Promote community partnerships to support on-site programmes for fitness equipment classes and health and fitness education. Signage and downloadable content further expand utilisation through user guides and instructional videos; 

• Provide supporting infrastructure, such as drinking fountains, seating, shade and bike racks to cater for the needs of outdoor fitness equipment users.

Reference: Park Fitness plan