How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast373
How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast373
Muscle gain isgenerally considered an easily achievable task as people believe that eatingsome carbs and lifting some weight would do for that. But when you are actuallyinto it, you will notice that after some initial muscle buildup in a month ortwo, the body will stop showing any progress in the direction.

How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast

How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast


How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast At Home With The LeastSupplements


Muscle gain isgenerally considered an easily achievable task as people believe that eatingsome carbs and lifting some weight would do for that. But when you are actuallyinto it, you will notice that after some initial muscle buildup in a month ortwo, the body will stop showing any progress in the direction.

This has a reason:

Tobuild up more muscles,  the body requires more diet and more efforts.

But it is not thateasy to keep increasing your diet as well as keep increasing more weight onlifting machines as it has its limits. So, at this point, people shift tosteroids and supplements as they are easy to consume and highly concentratedwith required nutrition and protein for muscle gain. But there are sometechniques and specific programs that you can gain muscles without consumingsteroids or supplements if you follow.

This includes certainfood items and exercises that will give your muscle buildup an extra boostrequired to break the threshold and begin muscle gain once again. Followingthese techniques, you will be back at making noticeable changes in muscle mass.Let’s start with the food items first and then discuss the exercises in thecontext.



Figure 2. Food Habit Warning

Muscle gaining is notpossible if your diet is not adequately nutritious, and not only it has to befilled with proteins and carbs, but you also need to follow a complete plan ortimetable of meals. Your schedule depends on the exercise routine you followand the time of exercise, but here we will suggest you a general diet plan thatbeginners can follow to gain muscles.

Firstly, you wouldneed to include several small meals between the breakfast, lunch and dinnerwhich should be full of protein and it would be better to have drinks likeprotein smoothies in these meals. Let’s see some food items that should beincluded in these meals to help you achieve your muscle gaining goal.

·        Eggsshould be your best friends if you are serious about muscle gaining as they arean inexpensive source of protein and required nutrition like vitamin B, aminoacid, particularly the acid leucine, which is vitally essential for musclegain.

·        Chickenbreast is another best food item that has protein levels and isn’t expensive.In every 90 grams of chicken breast, you can find over 25gm of protein. Besidesprotein, you will find B vitamin as well.

·        Ifyou are concerned about increasing weight with muscle gain, you can choosefast-digesting foods like Greek yoghurt, a dairy item full of protein but onlyhelps in lean muscle gain.

·        Soybeanis a food item that supplies protein, unsaturated fats and vitamin K and iron.The ample amount of iron is what makes this bean perfect muscle gaining fooditem for women. Half a cup of cooked soybeans can be enough for one of yoursmall protein meal.

·        Aspoonful of peanut butter with or after every meal should be complimentary aswhatever meal you take. This will add extra calories to each meal and provideprotein, carbs, unsaturated fat and amino acid supply.



Figure 3. Home Exercises

As a beginner, yourmuscles would take some time to cop up with the newly started habit ofexercising, and thus it could initially pain when you are done with theworkout. Therefore, we would suggest beginning with light exercises likejogging, pushup, crunches, etc., which would increase your stamina and makeyour muscles ready for an intense workout.

People would arguethat running and similar exercises would decrease their weight and not gainsome, but it only eliminates unwanted fat and helps gain lean muscle mass.Also, the stamina that you will develop by running would help you duringintense weight lifting exercises.

One might find pushupineffective and not worth it, but the truth is that pushups are that oneexercise where the muscle gain begins. And for home muscle gaining, pushups arean essential workout exercise, and once you become easy with regular pushups,you can make changes to it to increase difficulty, which will make your chestand shoulder muscles strong.

Pull-ups are the onecrucial exercise that you need to get experienced with as it is the benchmarkto progress. Most people fail at this exercise, and once you can easily do 10to 12 pushups continually, you can say that you are making progress and yourmuscles are getting stronger.

Similarly, dips orshoulder dips are another workout exercise that could be complex initially, butonce you begin to perform multiple dips, your shoulder, triceps and chestmuscles would eventually grow along, and noticeable progress would be made.

Essential home gymequipment like resistance bands, pull-up bars, and a set of dumbbells can helpyou extend the number of exercises, which will support fast muscle gain.


During the musclemass gaining program, your body might begin to ask for additional nutrition andmore protein supply that you cannot provide through natural food items becauseyou are already taking several meals. It can be hard to add more meals at suchtimes, and it is also not possible to fulfil the daily nutrition requirementswith raw food.

Meanwhile, you cantake muscle gaining supplements designed and manufactured by Mega Muscles,which contains all essential ingredients that incredibly accelerates your leanmuscle mass gain. Also, they are free from any stimulants that can harm you onregular consumption, which outweighs the benefits of a muscle mass supplement.You can trust Mega Muscles supplements that are only composed of safe andhealthy ingredients to boost energy, recovery, strength, libido, rate of proteinsynthesis and amino acid regulation.


Consult a fitnesstrainer to determine your body type during the exercises and correct you if youdo not exercise correctly. And if everything is right about the posture andform, it is time to push harder on yourself and increase your training volume.To promote faster muscle gain, you should increase the weight limits in yourreps than increasing the number of reps or sets. Try lifting heavier weight ifpossible and safe, and prioritize strength training over stamina for some time.


When you are doinglifting exercises, it has a concentric and eccentric phase. The formers referto the position when your muscles are at work, and the latter means when theyare not primarily involved in the action. You can understand this by barbellpress, in which concentric phase is when you have lifted the barbell rod withhands fully stretched while the eccentric phase is when your hands are lowered,and bar is almost rested on the chest.

The point here isthat you need to focus on the eccentric part of the exercise and make use ofit. One can do this either by slowing down the eccentric action and prolongingthe phase or making variations to the eccentric phase.


The moment you gainmuscles is not during the workout, but muscles buildup when the body is finallyat rest after exercise. During the training, you break the muscle tissues, andthese damaged muscles fibers are repairing and regenerating when you are atrest and not making intense exercises. Therefore, having a good quality ofsleep is also essential after a workout for the completion of muscle-building processing.

You need to realizethat the body uses the testosterone produced by the testicles for musclebuilding and repairing during sleep and rest. Relatively speaking, if you wantall your damaged muscles to grow and repair frequently, you need to have adequateamount of testosterone available in the body to meet your expectation in ashort period. You should maintain high testosterone levels when you are on amuscle gaining program even though you have enough calories, protein and aminoacid intake. This also allows you to balance the sexual life with the workoutroutine.


Now, you might havepossibly realized what you didn’t know or what are the things that you need toconsider next time when you are working out or having a meal dedicated tomuscle gain. Let’s summarize the information and recall the point once again tocreate the major plan.

·        Addprotein-rich food items to your diet, such as beans, eggs, chicken etc.,including dairy products that will provide the required protein supply.

·        Addspecific exercises to the routine dedicated to muscle gain and focus onstrength exercise more than stamina workout.

·        Focusand utilize the eccentric phase of exercise to gain muscle instead of treatingit as a rest position.

·        Takeadequate sleep and maintain high testosterone levels to ensure full recoveryand muscle buildup after a workout.

Finally, onceadapting these points in your daily exercise routine and diet plan, you willfind a noticeable increase in muscle mass within a couple of weeks, and getpast your muscle-building plateau.