How a weighted basketball can help in scoring a three-pointer?
How a weighted basketball can help in scoring a three-pointer?
We all know what a weighted basketball is and how vital it is in the training process of every player that loves and plays basketball.

We all know what a weighted basketball is and how vital it is in the training process of every player that loves and plays basketball. Moreover, the next thing that I personally am fond of is the three-pointer shot. It is one of the best shots

that a player can attempt and with three points added to the score it is always worth the try.

So today, I thought of evaluating what are the possibilities of scoring a three-pointer by training yourself with a weighted basketball. Does it help at all? Or does it has no relation with it? So let us not waste any more time and get right into an interesting topic to find out how a weighted basketball can help in scoring a three-pointer.

What is a weighted basketball?

A weighted basketball is one that weighs three pounds, or twice as much as a regular basketball. It might not seem like much, but try handling, delivering, and shooting with a basketball that weighs twice as much. After frequent use, a weighted ball (also known as a heavy ball) improves the effectiveness in your fingers, shoulders, and forearms. The weighted basketball is used to improve the abilities and stamina of a basketball player. A weighted ball has numerous advantages, including improved handling, ball control, and rebounds. Basketball players will notice the favorable results while using the weighted basket regularly and correctly on the field.

The main purpose of weighted basketball

Weighted basketball practice is a simple way to add variety to your training. Because a heavy basketball and a regular basketball are so similar, there should be a minimal difference. The weighted basketball's increase in resistance can help you improve your ball-related practice. Weighted basketballs can help with dribbling, transferring, hitting, and rebounding. Weighted basketballs have been there for a long time, and players all over the world swear by their usefulness. Many people believe that a weighted ball is only used to improve shooting range, even though it is. It's just as effective to use a weighted ball to improve dribbling, shooting, receiving, and rebounding. The weighted basketball develops the fingers and hands while also boosting the arm muscles. This results in an improved grip and control of the ball. Spalding produces balls weighing 3 and 6 pounds, allowing you to select the size that best suits your needs. Your control of the ball will give you the assurance you need to push boundaries.

Three-point shots and three-point shots hand signal

We have discussed what a three-point shot is but most people don’t know what a three-point shot hand signal looks like. In basketball, a hand gesture is typically utilized when individuals want to share information nonverbally with their team members. Instead of using words, they communicate with their squadmates via hand gestures. Coaches and referees can also use hand signals to communicate with supporters during games. During the game, several participants use hand signals to express themselves. Extending the pinkie, ring, and middle fingers while joining the index and thumb to celebrate a three-pointer is a common celebration. There are also other customized celebrations created by performers.

The umpire will hold three fingers for a three-point shot. When a player makes a three-point shot, the referee will wave both hands to indicate that the shot was efficient and effective. Since we had the ball, there were moments when we weren't charged for a foul.

How weighted basketball improves the chances of scoring a three-pointer

Well, let’s move on to the most important question for which we all are here. How weighted basketball improves the chances of scoring a three-pointer.

With all that we have discussed over time and with my personal assumptions and evaluation, I think that training with weighted basketball significantly improves your gameplay in every aspect. As it allows you to gain more control over the ball and with improved skills you can have an edge in the game.

As the actual basketball that is used in the game is lighter than a weighted ball, this means that when you start your gameplay you will find it easier for you to control the ball and attempt the three-pointer shot.

In my opinion, the harder work that you put in your basketball training with a weighted basketball, the more chances that you have to get the three-point hand signal by the referee in your actual basketball. So, the answer to the most important question that comes up in every basketball lover’s mind of how weighted basketball improves the chances of scoring a three-pointer is that you can have an upper edge in the game as the additional weight improves your gameplay and makes it easier for you in controlling the ball in the actual game.



In the end, we can conclude the topic that a three-pointer is one of the most effective shots that you can shoot in basketball. With its relation to the training with a weighted basketball, we can evaluate that they do have a good relationship with each other. The three-point hand signal that is made by the referee refers to a successful three points for the attacking team. So if you want to have a three-pointer for your team then training with weighted basketball can surely help you gain and improve your skills of obtaining a three-pointer. 

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