Gym Equipment UAE
Gym Equipment UAE
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Best of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment, means exercise facilities located outdoors and public open space. Its facilities can be compared to home gym equipment or commercial gyms.  Outdoor’s fitness equipment is always free for the public to access and available for use all of the time. Outdoor fitness equipment typically includes pieces of exercise equipment grouped together or spread along a trail in a park or public open space. Outdoor fitness equipment provides a variety of benefits to both users and the community.

The Benefit of Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

• Greater level of activity within parks and public open space, which increases passive surveillance and discourages antisocial behavior and vandalism;
• Enabling more effective exercise, as natural surroundings and fresh air in an outdoor environment help make exercise more fun and therefore more effective (Thompson Coon 2011);
• Improved agility, balance, coordination and muscular and bone strength;
• Expansion of the benefits associated with physical activity to a wider audience. Facilities promote growth of a healthy community and influence the behavior of other users.
• Targeted facilities provide a designated area for people to use within parks and public open space. • Improved physical and psychological health (Chow 2013);
• Greater social capital; people often socialist while exercising, strengthening community and interpersonal relationships. These relationships may then support increased use as participants offer encouragement, motivation and support to each other (Chow 2013);

Maintenance of Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Outdoor fitness equipment influence participation levels, and is crucial to the success of the facility.

It is important to make use of the supplier’s knowledge, and to implement a structured maintenance program that keeps the equipment in good working order. The age and type of outdoor fitness equipment will determine how often safety and maintenance checks should be conducted.

An agreement and approach to equipment maintenance between the owner and the supplier is important. Key things to consider when determining your maintenance program include:

  • duration of the equipment warranty
  • spare parts availability and turnaround time
  • equipment cleaning
  • proposed maintenance frequency
  • ongoing support and service levels (after the warranty period)
  • routine maintenance checklist
  • propensity for vandalism within the local community. 

The different types of Outdoor exercise?

It’s important to engage in a range of physical activity, including muscle strengthening, in order to benefit maximum health benefits. Outdoor fitness equipment can help people to reach their recommended levels of moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity following these types of exercise.


This sort of exercise promotes the flow of oxygen throughout your body, which is a very good thing. Improving the flow of oxygen also improves circulation throughout the body. In general, you need to be exerting a medium level of energy for an extended period to enjoy the health benefits of aerobic exercise. Examples of aerobic activity include jogging, lifting weights etc.


The anaerobic work quantification is affected by the level of effort, i.e., the intensity and speed of the intervals, the duration of intervals (aerobic vs.  anaerobic energy supply), recovery status before intervals (work: rest ratio and state of the body’s metabolism before intervals), as well as fatigue accumulated during the session. This way, the method takes  into account aspects relevant to anaerobic metabolism.


Stability exercise is an integral part of any physical activity program. Stability exercise, such as balance, agility and core training, targets muscular connections to the spine, pelvis and shoulders for greater control and posture during movement. This type of exercise connects the upper and lower body muscles, enabling them to work more effectively to protect the back and reduce the risk of falling.


Flexibility exercise enhances the range of motion of your muscle and joint movements (Cavazos 2015). Stretching and many yoga poses are effective forms of flexibility exercise. Prolonged muscle tightness, poor muscle recovery and bad posture can shorten muscles over time. Flexibility exercise stretches the muscles to help prevent shortening and subsequent injuries.

About LIftdex

liftdex is a popular gym equipment fabricator and supplier in Dubai, UAE. We provide a wide range of cardio, strength, storage and various kinds of Outdoor and Indoor equipment in the UAE. Here, we design, customize equipment and deliver it to your doorstep. Our all factories are proudly certified and comply with the ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and en1090 standards.

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