Green Golf Scooters: The Latest Vogue golf trolley
After buggies and trolleys, scooters are grabbing the attention of several golf equipment owners. Well, these scooters are specially tailored golf vehicles that are efficient as well as environment-friendly. Modeled in the shape of the scooter, the vehicle truly boasts the state-of-the-art design with three to four 13-inch wheels, electrical components, detachable accessories, and aluminum frame and deck.
The imported electrical components include either a lead acid or lithium battery. However, a growing number of manufacturers are opting for lithium-based powerhouses in high-end designs. This is because these batteries are more environment-friendly than the lead acid counterparts are. Further, they possess higher energy densities for efficient functioning.
You will find several scooter designs that outshine their traditional models to resemble mobility. This is evident with the 3 and 4-wheel models. Talking about the accessories, most models come with scorecard holders and removabl