Exercising with Fitness Trainer
Exercising with Fitness Trainer
exercising with professional certified trainer

Exercising with Fitness Trainer

When a fitness trainer or an individual is able to incorporate a gym equipment into their routine it greatly increases the variety of training they can provide or partake in. It allows them to increase the load within an exercise session with minimal risk.

Examples of home gym equipment that may be used in a facility, if installed specifically for the purpose of consistent training,

Squat Rack,

Cardio Machines 

Weight Lifting Bench 



It is important that these items are used only in designated home equipment center on elements installed specifically for these items. External equipment must not adversely impact on other home users or damage facilities.

Horizontal and vertical poles can provide fixings or anchor points for equipment, such as ropes, cables, bands and suspension training devices. Installing equipment such as slam ball walls, raised platforms or objects for box jumps, can discourage the use of stairs and walls.

The primary purpose of most other home gym  is to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. Home gym equipment build strength and muscle. By performing different exercises with heavy exercise equipment, you slowly tear, repair and build your muscles. 

The more muscle you build, the more calories your body burns to move and exercise. By building muscle you are turning your body into a calorie burning engine. There is no machine that can build muscle like your own personal home gym equipment.