Difference Between Golf Ball For Men And Women
Golf Balls are all of the same size and have a dimple pattern around the entire covering. Golf Balls for women are designed very specifically for them.
Srixon Z Star White Golf Balls (dozen)
The compression of a golf ball implies the force required to flatten the ball adding a spring effect to it flight. Generally harder balls are preferred by male golfers as they have a harder swing. Women golfers have slower swings and prefer a softer ball.
Manufacturers have specifically designed softer balls for those players with slower swing speeds.
In order to distinguish hard and soft balls, manufacturers have started marking rings that indicate specific compression on the balls. The number indicates the density of the ball and it helps golfers to match their specific swing to the ball they choose.
Compressions rating vary between 60 and 100. Balls preferred by men fall between 80 and 100 range. Women who have slower swings tend to prefer balls rat