9 Ways to Boost Instagram Following
9 Ways to Boost Instagram Following
Instagram following is more than simple numbers. It’s about creating an online community gathered around your brand

made up of people that are either prospects or have already bought your products or services before. Expanding your Instagram following can help you drive more customers to your website and increase sales.


There are many approaches to getting more Instagram followers, including using Instagram services and tools. But before anything, you must understand how to use the platform's features. And while for different brands some can be more effective than others, this list of nine approaches to growing your Instagram can help you find what works for you best.

1. Ensure Your Value Proposition Is Clear

If you didn't know what a store was selling, you probably wouldn’t enter it. Well, your Instagram account follows the same rules. Whether it's style advice, motivational sayings, or lifestyle content, having a clear value proposition is crucial to turning visitors into followers. However, make sure that your content isn’t identical either.

2. Tailor Your Feed for a Great First Impression

To turn visits into followers, you must have a carefully thought-out Instagram feed that illustrates your niche. Whoever visits your profile should be able to tell what it is about right away. You can use a planning tool to choose your grid before posting to develop a unified style that promotes your brand. Think about the overall effect of your posts and the first impression they give when someone visits your profile. 

3. Make Your Post Captions Search-Friendly 

One key Instagram tip to increase your following is to optimize your posts for search since users can perform keyword searches. When they search for something, the result that will appear depends on several factors such as captions, type of content, when it was posted, etc. Additionally, it makes use of machine learning to identify what is most important to you.

4. Produce Shareable Content

The first step in naturally reaching new audiences is to start producing shareable content. It only takes one viral post to reach thousands of people, and tried-and-true styles include motivational quotations, educational carousel articles, and popular memes. Memes are excellent at spreading virally, particularly when they refer to a current cultural trend. Try to strike a balance between the aesthetic trends you're using, the mindset of your target audience, and the niche of your business to produce a successful meme. 

5. Have a Hashtag Strategy

Using hashtags is one of the most powerful growth strategies at your disposal on Instagram. Although it’s one of the oldest tricks, it can still work. Including the right hashtags in your post, can help you reach many additional users. However, you have to be careful with the number of hashtags, as well as using hashtags that people find annoying.

6. Organize Giveaways

Organizing giveaways can help you boost your Instagram following. With the correct approach, you may significantly expand your audience and foster a deeper feeling of community for your company. Set clear entrance requirements that help you achieve your development objectives, like following your account, tagging a friend in the comments, sharing Stories, creating content, etc. Giveaways are particularly useful when they are organized in collaboration with a brand that appeals to your target market. 

7. Create an Instagram Challenge 

An effective Instagram challenge can launch your account into the mainstream and gain you hundreds, possibly millions, of new followers. For optimum success, simplify entry requirements, develop a branded hashtag to associate the challenge with your company, and consider what activities participants would find fun. 

8. Collaborate With Brands and Influencers 

Your Instagram business account can benefit greatly from working with influencers and brands with similar goals. You'll gain from the brand association and get access to a new pool of potential supporters. On top of that, your finances don’t have to be impacted by collaborations. Simple and mutually beneficial partnerships might be some of the most successful ones. Similarly, you don't have to collaborate with powerful people to have an impact.

9. Take Advantage of Instagram Reels 

If you aren't already sharing Instagram Reels, you might be passing up a fantastic chance to increase the number of your followers. Reels continue to be one of the app's best tools for attracting new users. Reels can quickly connect with people outside of your follower list, thereby enhancing your visibility and growing the number of your followers.


Increasing the number of your Instagram followers is not an easy task, but we hope our nine tips can help you get there. As a last tip, don’t forget to cross-promote your Instagram account on other platforms if you're looking for additional strategies to increase your Instagram following.