What is cavitation 3.0 cavitation?
What is cavitation 3.0 cavitation?
1 Session,
3 Inches Reduction

Cavitation 3.0 breaks fat while vacuum accelerates fat burning. It effectively consumes heat and cellular water and contracts fat cells, thus achieving fat reduction. And vacuum directly reaches fat in the deep skin layer, causes cells to generate heat, and stimulates fat burning.

Storm Vacuum&RF

To dissolve the fat and reduce the cellulite of the thigh to regain the long legs. It stimulates the dermis and makes it produce more fresh collagen filling up the void of collagen, thus lifting up the skin again and recovering skin elasticity. by using vacuum crossover current, it promotes fat burning, stimulates the treated part, and makes it shrink muscle, strengthens muscle, and relieves slack muscle.

Storm Bio&Photon Pads

BIO&LED photon Easier to reduce fat. Red Photon promotes metabolism and activates cells; Microcurrent Bio opens the meridians and acupoints for more effective shaping treatment.

Storm RF&Suction

Do tightening and lifting, and restore skin elasticity. The powerful vacuum function increases blood circulation by sucking the target areas and evens out the skin to optimize efficient RF energy delivery. The vacuum induces lymphatic drainage, smooths out the body, and helps cellulite reduction. Then collagen fiber dermis gets heat from radiofrequency, which makes the collagen immediately shrink, and the body or stretch mark skin is tightened; then the heat of the dermis regenerates the collagen, the new collagen is arranged neatly and healthily, and the old collagen is repaired.